Rescue me

Kitty is accident prone even though its never her fault one day she gets hit by a car driven by her ultimate favorite band one direction....


8. Truth or Dare

We were sitting by the fire outside in the yard when I got bored Niall looked at me " Don't worry I am bored too what should we do?" did he just read my mind?... I looked at Louisa and she looked at me I knew what she was gonna say "LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!!!!" everyone laughed at her enthusiastic suggestion "ok" Liam said so I knew what was coming whatever I say something bad will happen to me "Kitty Kat truth or dare" Zayn asked

"Hmmm dare??" I said regretting it already

"I dare you to......Kiss all of our feet" Harry asked I knew he was going to try and make me suffer for the pillow incedent 20 minutes ago 

"Grr WHY!!!??" i screamed 

"Ha some girls would kill to be in your position" Louis laughed

"yeah lucky me" i said sarcastically I started kissing 12 feet including Louisas 

"Yuck! I am going to bed" I said after doing my 12th task

"one more task pleaassee your my sexiest bestest friendest everest" Louisa laughed 

"ok one more"

"truth or dare"

"DARE!" i screamed 

"Kiss louis on the lips!" Liam shouted I not so reluctantly did it he didn't object....


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