Rescue me

Kitty is accident prone even though its never her fault one day she gets hit by a car driven by her ultimate favorite band one direction....


4. Surprised

Kittys P.O.V

I woke up in pain in a bed at the hospital "Ahh Kitty you are awake you have visitors" The doctor said

"Errm who?"

" A girl and a few guys"

"send them in please" Then in came Louisa and ONE DIRECTION I had almost forgot they ran me over 

"Hello Kitty are you ok" Louisa asked

"yeah i have a headache and my arm hurts its ok though its bearable"

"Kitty I am so sorry the car went out of control and,,," Louis said when i cut him off

"it is seriously fine i am a bit of a jinx when it comes to stuff like this"

"we are so glad I am Niall and this is Zayn Liam Harry and Louis"

" i know who you are" I showed them my bracelet 


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