Rescue me

Kitty is accident prone even though its never her fault one day she gets hit by a car driven by her ultimate favorite band one direction....


5. Leaving

Before we start the rest of the story will be in Kittys P.O.V 

Wow I couldn't believe it one direction were in the same room as me I turned over but my leg still hurt so I screeched in pain I saw a look of guilt spread across Louis' face "Oh dear I am so sorry" 

"Its fine I am here at least once a month" I joked I may be in pain but I still had my humor "When may I leave doctor" I asked 

"Hmmm well miss tylerson you have a cast and crutches you seem fine as soon as you wish" I smiled steadied myself and got onto my crutches as we walked  to the car I got in but the car wouldn't start...Great! so I had to hobble when a car came by and stopped before us the door opened now I was scared  

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