Rescue me

Kitty is accident prone even though its never her fault one day she gets hit by a car driven by her ultimate favorite band one direction....


6. Journey

I jumped as Zayn and Niall jumped out "Why are you walking home???? I mean your injured" Niall asked 

"Louisas car broke down" I replied 

"Hey we can drop you off" zayn said 

"Are you sure I don't wanna intrude"

"Ahem Louis almost ran you over! hop in already"Harry said me and louisa got in.After a short journey we got there the boys insisted on explaining to my carer what happened when I knocked on the door there stood a new little girl "who is this" I said to Linda my carer "ahh this is Camila she has your room now you will have to sleep on the sofa" arrrggh I cant stand living here 

"Don't you" Liam said 

"Did i say that out loud" they all nodded 

"Hay why don't you stay at ours we have spare rooms" Louis said

"aww thanks, Linda I am staying round my friends" I yelled louisa was coming too I grabbed the first lot of clothes i could and made my way to the car in the car the boys put a cd on my favorite song came on after they shuffled the songs Tell me a lie I sang along to it but soon realised I was the only one singing and i was really loud "sorry I don't sing very well" louisa looked at me like i was speaking jiberish "What on earth are you talking about I would do anything for that voice" i hugged her we arrived at a monster of a house Louis showed me to my bedroom where I got dressed into my pajamas I walked down to hear all the boys and louisa laughing I saw that i was wearing extremely short shorts and a white see-through tee I covered my self "Nice PJs" Harry smirked I threw a pillow at him I went bright red i could feel it "Kitty I am sorry I have some clothes you can wear" Harry said I followed him to my bedroom "eermm Louis has given you my bedroom" he said 

"oh sorry I will move"

"Its ok I will go nextdoor" he said handing me joggers and a plain grey tee

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