Rescue me

Kitty is accident prone even though its never her fault one day she gets hit by a car driven by her ultimate favorite band one direction....


3. Care to much

Louisas P.O.V

I sat down on my sofa laughing at Kittys comment about my little brother when I got a Phone call from the one and only LOUIS TOMLINSON! only to find out kitty has been hit i hung up the phone and ran to my Little purple car and went as fast as possible to the hospital when i got there I ran into a nurse

"Hello do you know where i can find kitty tylerson"

"Yes just up onto the second floor turn left room 25"

"Thank you" I dashed up the stairs to find out side room 25 5 guys in hats scarfs and sunglasses

"Hello are you Louisa?" one of them said 

"Yes.." they took off there disguises it was one direction but i didn't care about that bit 

"How is kitty" I asked

Louis looked at me almost in tears "She is really badly injured in her left arm and leg she lost alot of blood and is in ....a coma"

I took a seat buried my head in my hands and cried i knew i didn't look good infront of the 5 guys i liked most but i didn't care I felt an arm wrap around my shoulder Liam was comforting me 

"I am so sorry" i said drying my tears when a doctor walked over "Hello errm does miss tylerson have any parent here?"

"No she lives in a care home with 15 other kids"

"Hmmm who are you?" he asked

"Louisa her friend"

"well you seem in a bit of a state but i am so pleased to tell you Kitty has only minor injuries and should wake up in an hour or so but she will have a cast on her arm her leg is fine her body over-reacted" The weight was lifted off my shoulders I was so pleased I was speechless

"thank you so much" Zayn said speaking for all of us soon after a long wait the doctor came out 
"Hello Kitty has woken up and would like to see you all" we all got up and walked into the room 


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