The Big Adventure

Maeve age 19 with her bestfriend Zoe age 19 go on an asventure to london. See what happens to them in the story.


3. The Storm

As we drove the taxi started to make funny sounds. Then the taxi broke down. The taxi driver called a tow truck and kicked us out with all our siutcases. We walked a couple minutes then  we. were both cold and tired and  we blacked out. '' Harry play the movie'' Louis, Niall,Zayn, And Liam said. '' Ok'' Harry said. Harry looked out the window and saw 2 black things. '' ZAYN COME OUT SIDE WITH ME PLEASE'' Harry screamed Zayn and Harry wnt out side and came back with 2 girls and 6 suitcases. '' Who wants to take them'' Harry asked?  Louis said '' i will take the one you have Zayn and ''here is her suitcases'' Zayn said. Niall Said '' Harry i will take the girl you have Harry" Niall took this girl with her suitcases. Louis took this girl to his room placed her on his bed and got a towle and dried out her hair and brushed it out all the tangles. trying not to wake her he gently placed her on his bed and put the covers on her and said ''good night '' to this sleeping girl.  Niall was walking with this girl with his arms and said to himself '' I have this girl ing my room and her hair is wet and needs to be brushed. As Niall brushed this girls hair he fell in love with her even if he does not know her. Niall and Louis said at the same time i love this girl and i do not know her. '' See yuo tomorrow and we will get to meet these lovely girls.     

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