My Saving Grace

When Arianna is stuck in an abusive marraige at only 19 and she decides to dissapear... who will be her Saving Grace?


7. Chapter 7

     We pulled into a long driveway that led to a gorgeous house. “Your house is beautiful!” I said. “Thanks! We all picked it out!” Zayn said. “It’s huge too!” I laughed. “That means more space to run around!” Niall said. I laughed as we came to a stop and we began to all pile out. “Ma’am.” Liam said holding his hand out to help me out. I giggled and took it. “Thank you kind sir.” I smiled, hopping out of the car. I didn’t realize our hands were still connected. “Oh, um, thanks.” I mumbled slipping my hand out of his. “No problem.” He said blushing.

    “You know, we probably could’ve gone on that tour now. The sky is completely clear!” Louis said. “I have an idea!!” Niall shouted. “What?” Audrey asked. “We could go swimming!!” He said. “That’s a great idea!” Zayn said. The boys all ran upstairs to get changed. “C’mon then Arianna, I’ve got a swimsuit you can use!” Audrey said grabbing my hand and pulling me upstairs.

     I held the swimsuit up. “Are you sure this is gonna look good?” I asked looking at it. “Positive, you have a good bum for it too!” She laughed. “Ok then, I’ll go change I said walking into my bathroom. “Ok, I’m gonna go get changed now!” She shouted through the door. “Alright!” I said. I stripped down and slid the bathing suit on. “Shit.” I mumbled looking at myself in the mirror. There were bruises all over my body. ‘Maybe if I wear this sundress they won’t be able to see them.’ I thought to myself. I threw it on and looked, there were a few bruises here and there but they weren’t very noticeable.

     “Arianna, you ready?” I heard Audrey ask. “Yeah!” I said opening the door. “You look adorable!!” She squealed. “Hah, as if.” I said rolling my eyes. Harry was waiting at the door for us. “Ready babe?” He asked placing a kiss on Audrey’s lips. “Yup!” She said grabbing his hand and pulling him towards the stairs. When we got down the stairs, we saw all the boys waiting at the door. “Let’s go!” Louis said running out. The rest of us quickly followed him out. “I’m gonna tan for a bit!” Audrey said. The boys all jumped in and Audrey and I stayed out.

    “Ari, why don’t you take that dress on and go in?” Audrey asked. “I, uh, was gonna wait till you go in.” I said. “Well, if that’s the case then let’s go!” She said getting up. “You girls coming in?” Niall asked. I nodded. When all the guys looked away I took the time to take off my sundress. I set it aside and placed my towel on the chair. “Arianna?” Audrey asked. “Shit.” I mumbled. “Arianna, how did you get those bruises?” She asked, getting attention from the guys. “I- uh, I- um.” I said looking around at all the concerned faces. My breathing became heavy and I got very dizzy. My arms outstretched for something to grab onto. “Arianna!” I heard Liam shout. After that everything went black

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