My Saving Grace

When Arianna is stuck in an abusive marraige at only 19 and she decides to dissapear... who will be her Saving Grace?


6. Chapter 6

     “My boyfriend and his friends are shopping right now, after they’re finished we all can go!” She said. “Ok-” I said before getting cut off by some girls. “Oh my God! Audrey! Can we have a picture?” They asked. “Of course!” She said smiling. “Would you like me to take the picture?” I asked. “Would you mind?” She asked. “Not at all!” I said taking the camera. “Smile!” I said before taking the photo. The girls squealed before running off.

    “Sorry about that!” She said sitting next to me. “Not a problem!” I said. “Ever since I started dating Harry I’ve been asked for a lot of pictures!” She laughed. “Harry?” I asked. “Harry Styles, you know from One Direction?” She asked. “Oh my! I didn’t know that!” I said. To be honest, I didn’t really know much of One Direction. All I knew was they were a famous British/Irish boy band. “There they are now!” She said pointing to five boys walking out of a store. People swarmed around them. “How do they do that?” I asked as Audrey pulled me to my feet. “Do what?” She asked. “Deal with… that.” I said pointing to the people. “You get used to it.” She said waving for them to come over.

   They made their way over and smiled. “Hi babe!” Audrey said placing a kiss on Harry’s lips. “Hey babe, who’s this?” Harry asked. “Right! Arianna, this is Harry, Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam!” She said. I looked up and my eyes met with a pair of beautiful brown eyes. “H-Hi.” Liam stuttered. “You alright there mate?” Zayn chuckled patting Liam’s back. “Y-yeah! Fine!” He smiled. “C’mon then! We must show Arianna around the city!” Audrey laughed. We all piled into a black Mercedes van and buckled up. I sat between Niall and Louis.

   “So, Arianna, where are you from?” Niall asked wrapping his arm around me. I shifted a bit, a little uncomfortable. “The United States.” I said. “An American girl!” Louis said. I gave a shy smile and glanced at Liam. He was looking at me but looked away, blushing. “So Arianna, where do you wanna go?” Audrey asked. “Um, I don’t really know.” I shrugged. “How about-” Harry began before getting cut off by a phone. “It’s Mum.” Liam said tapping the green button. “Hello Mum! …..  You’re plane will be in tonight? ….. At 7 pm? …. Alright, I’ll come pick you up! … Yeah, I’m sure the guys would be fine if you spent the night! … Bye Mum, love you!” He said hanging up the phone.

     “Aw, Mummy’s boy!!” Zayn teased. “Don’t even start Zayn! You are such a Mummy’s boy too!” He said. I laughed at their petty argument. “Guys, we may have to postpone the city tour, it looks like it’s gonna rain!” Niall said. “Damn, I wanted to show Arianna around.” Audrey said sadly. “It’s ok!” I said. “Maybe tomorrow?” She asked. I laughed. “I have every day of this week. I have no plans at all.” I said. “How about tomorrow then?”  Audrey asked. “Sure!” I smiled.

    “So, Arianna are you here to stay or is it just vacation?” Louis asked. “Stay.” I said. “Do you have a place to stay?” Liam asked. “Um, well, no.” I said playing with my hands. “I was just going to stay in a hotel for a few days until I could find a job and get on my own feet.” I said. “Why don’t you just come stay with us?” Harry suggested. “I- I can’t do that.” I said shaking my head. “Of course you can.” Liam smiled, making me blush. “We do have like, three bedrooms available!” Niall said. “You can share clothes with me too! Cause I know that bag doesn’t hold enough clothes for one girl!” Audrey laughed. I smiled. “Is that a ‘yes you’ll come stay with us’ smile?” Zayn asked. I smiled again and nodded. “Yay!” They cheered. I just met five of the most popular boys on the planet, and they want me to stay at their house with them?! This is different.

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