My Saving Grace

When Arianna is stuck in an abusive marraige at only 19 and she decides to dissapear... who will be her Saving Grace?


5. Chapter 5

     “Please fasten your seatbelts as we will be landing in five minutes!” The pilot said. I buckled my seatbelt and waited to land. I looked out of the window and saw how beautiful England was. “Wow.” I said smiling to myself. I felt the wheels touch down and we started to drastically slow down. “Please stay buckled and seated as we taxi around the airport.” The pilot announced. We taxied around for a few minutes before coming to a stop. “We have arrived at our destination please feel free to unbuckle your seatbelts and stand. Have an amazing time in the United Kingdom and thank you for flying British Airways.” The pilot said.

       I walked out of the terminal and into the busy airport. I had left Miami at 11 o’clock at night but it was about noon in Manchester after travel time and time difference. I was exhausted though. I walked back through and looked at all the stores. I clutched onto my bag as I headed for the exit. I grabbed a city map and headed out of the door. I saw a long line of awaiting taxi’s and grabbed one.

      “Where to miss?” The woman asked. “Um, I don’t really know my way around here but um, maybe right here.” I said pointing to a place on the map. “Alright Miss!” She smiled. I climbed into the back and buckled up. “From the States, yeah?” She asked. “Yes, ma’am.” I said. “I’ve always wanted to visit there. How is it?” She asked. It was so weird having someone so interested in the United States, I mean it’s nothing special. “It’s ok, I mean, it’s a lot different than England.” I said. “I see.” She said tapping her fingers on the wheel.

      “We are here!” She said putting the car in park in front of a store called ‘Top Shop’. “How much do I owe you?” I asked. “It’s on me.” She smiled. “Ma’am-” I began. “No, I insist!” She said. “Well, thank you so much!” I smiled. “No problem, have fun in England!” She waved. I thanked her once more before shutting the door. A smiled formed on my lips as I looked around. “I could get used to this.” I sighed. Then reality struck. Where am I going to stay? I mean, I had enough money to stay maybe a few nights but what about food too? I sat down on a cement step that was near me. I ran my fingers through my curly brown hair and sighed. A tear strayed from my eye and landed on my pants. “What am I going to do?” I mumbled.

      I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked up confused. “Hi there!” A girl about my age smiled. “Hi.” I smiled shyly. She had curly brown hair, like I did and she also had beautiful blue/green eyes. “My name’s Audrey, but you can call me Boo!” She smiled, showing her perfect white teeth. “Oh, I’m Arianna!” I said. “You’re American!” She gasped. I laughed and nodded. “Ooo!” She said smiling. “Anyway, the reason I came over is because I saw you sitting here by yourself. Plus, my boyfriend is shopping and he takes forever.” She said rolling her eyes playfully. I smiled. “You’re very quiet you know?” She said. “I’m new here.” I mumbled. She gasped. “Really? Oh my! I can show you around if you’d like!” She said. I was surprised how friendly she was. “I’d appreciate that!” I smiled.

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