My Saving Grace

When Arianna is stuck in an abusive marraige at only 19 and she decides to dissapear... who will be her Saving Grace?


4. Chapter 4

      “Passport and ticket please!” The man smiled. I grabbed my passport and ticket and handed it to him. He smiled and handed it back. “You’re very beautiful, Arianna.” He smirked. I clenched my jaw and forced out a dull “Thank you.” I walked into the already crowded plane. “Miss? Where are you going? Your ticket says first class!” A woman said. “Oh, uh yeah! Sorry about that.” I said. She chuckled and led me back to first class.

     “Here is your seat!” She said placing me next to an older man, about in his late-thirties. “Hello beautiful!” He smirked. I rolled my eyes and ignored his comment and pulled out my IPod. I put my headphones in and leaned my head back as we began to taxi around the airport. This was going to be a long flight.

A felt someone tap on my shoulder. “Miss, what would you like to drink?” A flight attendant asked. “Um, may I have water?” I asked. “Of course! And would you like a bag of pretzels?” She asked. “Um, yes please!” I said. She smiled and handed me my water and pretzels. I took a sip of water as I thought about last night.


            I heard the front door swing open and heavy footsteps walk towards the bedroom. I was reading my new book ‘Water for Elephants’ when he stormed in. “I’m home.” He growled angrily. “H-hi Honey.” I stuttered getting out of bed. “Aren’t you supposed to be making dinner?” He said turning to face me. “I, uh wanted you opinion on what to make.” I said smiling. “Shut up you stupid bitch! Just go make my god damn dinner!” He shouted.

            I scurried into the kitchen and started the water for some pasta. I was shaking as I added the noodles to the boiling water. I felt Konnor’s arms snake around my waist. “K-Konnor. What are you doing?” I asked. “How about we skip dinner babe.” He said kissing my neck. “Not tonight babe. I- I need to finish dinner for you and I’m not feeling very well.” I said trying to get out of his grip.

            “You are my wife! You have to do your duties as my wife!!!” He screamed. “K-K-Konnor, I- I don’t feel good.” I said. He grabbed me by the neck and forced me towards the bedroom. “STOP!” I screamed. “PLEASE!” I screamed starting to cry. I got out of his grip and ran for protection. He, of course, was faster and tackled me to the ground. He put his hands around my throat and started to squeeze. “Konnor!!” I said gasping for air. That’s when everything went black.

            I woke up in bed with Konnor. Nothing on but a simple sheet covering my body. He had done THAT when I was unconscious. “You’re awake babe.” He smirked. I was mad at him so I turned my back to him. He grabbed my shoulder and pulled me back. “How dare you ignore my like that!” He spat at me. He then pushed me away. “Go finish making dinner bitch!” He growled angrily. I slipped on a shirt of his and walked towards the door. “Look descent.” He said. I sighed and put on a fake smile. “Of course babe.” I said walking to the closet. “Now why couldn’t you give me that attitude earlier?” He asked watching me closely. I rolled my eyes and changed into a tight fitting dress. “Better?” I snapped. “It is, but don’t use that tone with me.” He said.

            I finished dinner and was plating the food. “Dinner is ready!” I called. Of course he took his sweet time, making his dinner cold. He sat down in front of me and glared at me. He took a bite but spit it back up. “My food is cold.” He said. “You didn’t come in time.” I shrugged. That’s when his hand collided with my face. “Ow!” I whimpered. I fell to the floor but quickly stood up. He threw his plate at me which broke as it hit my body. “Ow!” I screamed in pain again. He picked up the empty wine bottle and smashed it on my back, causing me to fall again. He pinned me down on the ground. “I know you want to leave again, but you see love, I WILL find you. So don’t try it!” He shouted before he hit me again. He hit me a repeated amount of times before passing out drunk on top of me. I pushed his unconscious body off me and ran to our bedroom, ready to disappear.

*Flashback over*

            “Are you done with your pretzels Miss?” The flight attendant asked again. “Yes Ma’am.” I said. “Attention all passengers of Flight 17495! Our flight time will be now two hours! I hope you enjoy your flight with British Airways!” The pilot said before hanging up the intercom. Only two hours from a new life.

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