My Saving Grace

When Arianna is stuck in an abusive marraige at only 19 and she decides to dissapear... who will be her Saving Grace?


2. Chapter 2

      “Arianna Smith?! Oh my! It’s been a long time!!” I heard a voice say. I came to an abrupt stop and turned around. It was one of my Mom’s old friends. “Oh, hello Mrs. Kendrick!” I smiled anxiously. “My, my, my have you grown into such a beautiful young lady!” She said smiling. “Thank you ma’am!” I said. “How is your mother?” She said starting a new conversation. “I’m actually on my way to see her!” I lied. “Well, I must let you get on your way!” She said. “It was very nice talking to you!” I smiled, inching away slowly. “Likewise, now be sure to tell your mother I said hello!” She said walking away. “Of course.” I said with fake enthusiasm.

      I walked a little farther before I heard a distant scream. “YOU BITCH!!!” I stopped dead in my tracks. Konnor. How the hell could I hear him from this far away? That only caused me to start running again. Miami International Airport was quite a walk so I found a bus stop to wait at. I saw a bus slowly drive up to my stop and I got on. “Where to Miss?” The man asked. “Miami International Airport please.” I said handing him the money. “Running from someone?” He asked chuckling and pointing to my bag. “No!” I blurted. “Just a joke Miss.” He said closing the doors.

      As I walked down the aisle several people watched me as if I were a criminal. I clutched onto my bag and walked to the back. The bus started to move and I jerked forward, only bringing me more attention. I took a seat in the very back and set my bag to the side. I looked around at all the people on the bus. I bit my lip nervously. “This will work.” I mumbled quietly. I shut my eyes and drifted off into a light sleep.

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