My Saving Grace

When Arianna is stuck in an abusive marraige at only 19 and she decides to dissapear... who will be her Saving Grace?


1. Chapter 1

      I shoved as many pieces of clothing I could in my small Hollister bag. I was leaving, more like I was going to disappear. I was leaving Miami for good, even if it meant I had to leave the country. I can’t be with him anymore. I was done with his abuse. Three years were more than enough and I’ve reached my breaking point. Our parents forced us to get married last year at eighteen, which only made the abuse worse.

       I had eventually told my Mom he hit me, but she said that’s what woman had to do. She told me I had to suck it up and deal with it. I showed her my cuts and bruises and she shrugged it off as if it was nothing. My Mom told him and he hit me and actually broke my wrist. I had to tell everyone that it was my fault, that I had tripped over my own two feet, which clearly wasn’t what happened.

       I was shaking with fear as I shoved the clothes into the bag. He had hit me really bad tonight, he is a bad alcoholic and I took away his beer, causing him to go crazy. Luckily he was passed out drunk while I was doing this. I had him secretly sign divorce papers one night saying that it was papers for a new car.

       I looked down at what I was wearing. “Shit, I need to change!” I said seeing a tight cocktail dress on. I threw off my dress and put on a tank top and yoga pants. I threw on a jacket and put the hood up. I grabbed my bag and ran out. I had taken $300 out of his wallet and put it in my bag with the $1000 I already withdrew from the bank. He was always the one to hold all the money. I had to ask for money but most of the time he would say no.

       It was now around 9 pm and it was still hot and humid, normal Miami weather. I threw on my running shoes and walked to the door. He was passed out on the floor next to shattered dishes he threw at me. I haven’t even look at the bruises and cuts he gave me this time, but that didn’t matter now, what matter was getting away from this hell hole. “Bye Konnor!” I spat at his unconscious body.

       I heard him start to groan which made me run from the house. I sprinted for a mile until I knew I was a safe distance away. I didn’t take the car because he had placed a tracking device in it. This wasn’t my first time trying to run.

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