Through a Ghosts Eyes

Diana is dead. A ghost. But who killed her? Can she save her new freind from the killer.


5. The final show down

Someone is banging franticly at the door. I watch in fear as Ms Walt runs to open the door. Peter is standing there. “Peter what’s wrong?”

“There’s an emergency. Please I need to call the police.” Ms Walt lets him in. “What happened?”

“I’m not sure. I heard screaming from next door. There were gun shots. I ran to the house and looked inside. There all dead. Every last one!”

“It’s ok it’s ok. You call the police I’ll lock the door.” She left. Peter creeps past and up the stairs. I race after him yelling. “Fee wake up!” I race through Peter and into the girl’s room. Fee is siting up staring at me. “What’s going on?”

“Fee the man who killed me is coming upstairs. I need you to scream.” At this moment Peter walked in. “Silly that’s just Peter.”


I was lying in a pool of blood. Everything was swimming and going black. I could hear Jamie screaming. What could I do? I was dying. I let out a sob as the world finally faded.


I race past Peter and stand at the top of the stairs. I gather all the energy around me. Peter walks out of the girl’s room. He’s about to walk into Tommy’s room when he sees me. His face goes white. “Hello Peter.” I hiss. “Long time no see. You look scared Peter. Are you scared of me?” I grab him. “You should be scared.” With all my strength I push him over the banister. He lands with a crash. Before he can stand up I’m next to him. Ms Walt is staring at me in fear. “Bye bye Peter.” I pull the knife out of his pocket and slash his throat. Then I stand up and turned to face Ms Walt. “You son is fine. I’ll look after your girls.” Ms Walt falls to her knees and cries.


I walked up the stairs into Jamie’s room. I found him cowering under his bed. “Jamie.” I whisper. I bent down and he crawled out. I pulled him closer and rocked him. Humming Baa baa black sheep.


I watch as Tommy pushes his car around the room. Fee is next to me watching. Jamie is talking to Tommy. “Dude stop staring into space.” Tommy’s friend snaps. “I’m not I’m listening to Jamie.”

“What the ghost boy.”


“Dude these ghosts creep me out.”

“Why it’s just Jamie, Diana and my big sisters Olivia and Fee.” He smiles at us. “Mummy says I take after Fee.”

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