Through a Ghosts Eyes

Diana is dead. A ghost. But who killed her? Can she save her new freind from the killer.


4. She's not real

“So how did you die?” I look at Fee’s puzzled face. “Should you be asking those questions?”

“Just answer it.”

“Cheeky. I was murdered actually.” I look down at her horrified face. “But I won’t go into any details.” She just kept looking at me. “What?”

“Why do people kill people?” she asks her voice trembling. “I don’t know. There are many reasons. Insanity, hate, anger, love.”

“Love?” I nod. “It sounds unbelievable.” The door creaks open. “Who are you talking to?”

“My friend Diana.”

“Well would your friend like to join us for tea?” I shake my head. “I don’t need to eat.” Fee turns to her mum and repeats what I said. “How come?” Ms Walt asks. “She’s dead.” A look of horror spreads across her face. “Fee don’t ever talk like that again.”

“Why not it’s true?”

“Just don’t Fiona!” Fee’s face crumples as she starts to cry. “Oh for goodness sake!” Ms Walt just storms out. Slowly I scoot closer to Fee and lay her head on my lap. She lies there sobbing as I hum Baa Baa Black sheep.


I went upstairs to check on Jamie. He was curled up fast asleep. I couldn’t think of what that bad feeling was. I walked back down the stairs to find Peter peering out of the window. That’s when it hit me. “Peter.” I began. “Yes?” he turned to face me. “Didn’t you say there had been a murder at 52 West Bow Ave?”

“Yes I did.”


Eventually I introduced Jamie to Fee. They clicked straight away. It isn’t a surprise really. Jamie hasn’t seen another kid his age for a long time. Fee’s mum seems to be fine with her playing with her ‘imaginary’ friends. She spends a lot of time with Peter. It makes me feel bad. I often leave Fee and Jamie alone to watch Ms Walt and Peter. Today I walked in on them sitting close to each other on the sofa. Too close. I grab the remote and throw it. They both jump. “What was that?” Ms Walt whimpers. Peter stands up and picks up the remote. “I think it was this.” She lets out a sigh of relief. “Oh just put it back on the table.” Peter does just that as I stand here feeling helpless. I have to warn the family but how? Only Fee can see and hear me. And I can’t tell her what happened. She’s too young. Anyway no one would believe her. But I have to do something. No one should suffer what I suffered. Every night I try to get Ms Walt to notice me. I move things, turn on taps; pull off her bed sheets even pull her hair. I put bad dreams into her head. She tells Peter about it. She takes sleep pills. She visits a psychologist. But she doesn’t notice there’s an under lying message.


“But this is 52 West Bow Ave. You live at 54 West Bow Ave.” Peter smiled at me. “Yes you do.” Before I knew what was happening he’d grabbed me and had me pinned to the ground. I tried to scream but his hand was pressed firmly over my mouth. He pulled a switchblade out of his pocket and started slashing at my throat.

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