Through a Ghosts Eyes

Diana is dead. A ghost. But who killed her? Can she save her new freind from the killer.


2. Peter

The family are rushing around trying to make the house look how they like it. I told Jamie to hide in the basement. He’d just get upset by everything. It’s only been a day but I know most of their names. The oldest girl is Olivia. Her sister is Fee. I’m guessing it’s short for Felicity or Fiona. The baby is a boy called Tommy. (Though Fee keeps calling him Tom Tom). The two girls are moving into my room. They have matching beds, matching teddy’s and dolls, matching outfits. Any one would think they were twins. But Olivia’s seven and Fee’s six. I don’t know their mothers name yet because they all call her mummy. I sit on the bed and watch Fee set up her doll house. It’s the sort of house I would off loved when I was that age. Three floors, many rooms, windows and doors that open and close and tiny plastic furniture and dolls. Her little hands are so delicate. I lean forward a bit more. There’s a creak from the springs as I lean too far. We both freeze at the same time. Her little hand half in and half out of the doll house. That’s when we hear the doorbell. Fee’s mum’s footsteps walk over to the door. She turns the handle. “Hello there I’m Peter. You’re new neighbour.” My heart sinks. “Oh hello. Nice to meet you. I’m Yvonne Walt. Do you want to come in? I’ll put the kettle on.” Slowly I stand up and walk out into the landing. Leaning over the banister I can see the tops of their heads, Ms Walt’s reddish brown hair, and Peter’s bald head. “It’s nice of you to invite me in. Do you want a hand with any of these boxes?”

“No no I’m fine. We’re nearly done any way.”

“Well that’s good. If you need anything just ask ok.”

“Thank you.” I stand there a little longer wondering if I should go to check on Jamie when Tommy starts crying. I hear Ms Walt running to the stairs. She races through me like I’m air. I get a nauseous feeling whenever this happens. Like I’m on a roller coaster. I hear her talking to Tommy as she carries him through me and down the stairs. “Such a cute little boy. What’s his name?”

“Tommy.” I run down the stairs after her and stop in the door way. They’re sitting in the kitchen, Tommy’s happily drinking from a bottle as Peter coo’s over him. I want to scream but what’s the use? They can’t hear me. I leave them to check on Jamie.


I struggled to open the door in my hurry. “What’s wrong?” I ask. “Lock the door.” Peter demanded ignoring my question. I did as I was told. “Now where’s your phone?” He asked in a loud whisper. “In the living room, by the TV.” I replied. I showed him where it was. He went over and picked it up. “Hello police there’s been a murder. Where? Number 52 West Bow Ave.” after a while he put the phone down.

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