Through a Ghosts Eyes

Diana is dead. A ghost. But who killed her? Can she save her new freind from the killer.


1. A new family

I stand leaning over the banisters watching them. My little brother sits at my feet, his head buried into me. There are four of them, a woman two girls and a baby (I can’t tell what gender). The girls look about my brother’s age, six. They are running in circles around their mother, laughing and shouting. “Who are they?” I look down at my brother’s frightened face. “They’re the new people who are going to live here.”

 “But we live here!” I don’t know what to say to that. He’s too young to know the truth. Too young for it to be true. I heave a sigh and close my eyes.


I could hear someone knocking on the door. “Who is it?!” I called. No answer. The knocking just continued. “Who is it?!” The knocking got more frantic. My heart is in my mouth. Should I open it? Should I run?


My thoughts are disrupted by the sound of footsteps. I open my eyes to see the two girls racing up the stairs. The smaller one is about half way up when she stops. She’s looking right at me. Can she see us? It’s not unusual for babies and animals to stare. But a girl her age? Her blue eyes looked startled but also curious. There was one word I could use to describe her. I’d learnt it in history. Aryan. After what seemed like forever she turns and follows her sister. I look down at my brother. He isn’t saying anything. He’s just burying his head into me like he always has. I just smooth his hair and hum Baa Baa Black Sheep like I always have.


I was halfway down the stairs. Someone was still knocking. Maybe they didn’t hear me. “Who is it!?” I yelled a little louder. “It’s me Peter! Open up please I need to use your phone. It’s an emergency.” My heart went back to where it belongs. It was only Peter, my neighbour. “Wait there I’ll unlock there I’ll unlock the door.” I rushed into the kitchen to find the keys. They were hanging in their place on the rack.

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