A Bit Of Love Hate

Everyone would love to become the famous Niall Horan's girlfriend right?


2. Memories

|2 Days Later|

*Leila's P.O.V*
I've sort of been ordering Niall around for the past two days, you know, making him do random shit for me... Who's the bitch now huh?
Well yesterday he drew a dick on my forehead and I was pissed so currently I'm making him re-wash all my clothes for fun, an trust me... I have A LOT of clothes,
"I'm done" he said dragging the bag on the floor into the living room,
"Empty the bag onto the floor" 
He did as I said.
"Now fold it... neatly and put it in my closet" I said smiling to myself.
"No!" He shouted aggravated and clenched my wrists, fear swarmed in my eyes as he held my wrists tighter and tighter... Memories of my child hood came rushing into my mind, one thing I had forgotten to mention... I'm adopted, that's why I don't have the accent or brown hair... My past on the other hand, I promised not to talk about...
"I've had enough of your fucking games!" He yelled getting even more aggravated then I got really scared that was the last words I've heard my reall mom say, well before she was killed,
"Just kill yourself already" he yelled tightening his grip and I just stood there looking into his angry eyes with fear, I couldn't talk, the memories if my mother dying had just been in my mind like I kept hitting replay. I got out of his grip and ran out, I could here him yelling my name but I ignored him, I ran all the way to Simons house and banged on the door. When he opened I immediately began to speak,
"I want out" I said, tears running down my cheeks,
"wow wow wow... Come in first" he said and I walked in and sat at the table as he brought coffee to me,
"Thanks" I said,
"Now tell me about this whole, I want out situation"
"I-I just want out" I said quickly,
"You can't"
"Simon I'm family doesn't that mean anything?"
"Fine..... but what if I buy you a salon?" 
Shit. He knows me so well, you see, I've always wanted a salon, I've always wanted to run one, it's my dream,
"fine but only because I get a salon" 
"correction" he said and I looked at him with a confused face,
"You get a salon when everything is fixed and Niall's back to normal" 
I sighed loudly, like that's gonna happen -_-
I was with Simon for about 2 Hours.
Simon dropped me back off at mine and Niall's flat. When I walked in I was greeted by Liam and  Niall. 
"Thank god your back!" Liam yelled "We were so worried!" 
"We?" I said angry and glared at Niall
After Liam left Niall sat besides me on the sofa,
"Listen, I'm sorry for what I said but I still don't understand one thing" he said and I gave him a weird look,
"Why'd you run off? I know your stronger than that, is there something that I need to know or...?" He trailed off,
"It doesn't concern you" I spat angrily and walked off to my room and locked,
*bang* *bang*
 "Can't you see I'm trying to be nice?" He said still banging,
"After what you did? No. No I don't"
*Niall's P.O.V*
"After what you did? No. No I don't"
The hell did I do besides scare her....
Geese someones on their period.
I heard my phone ringing,
"Hey Niall I need you to take Leila out so everyones see's that you have a girlfriend" 
It was Simon.
"Simon please no... She's been acting quite strange and wont tell me whats wrong" 
"well she just hasn't gotten to trust you yet, just take her out, she needs to get her mind off things ok?" He said and hung up. I put the phone on the desk and started to think, what'd she need to get her mind off?
"Hey Leila Simon said I need to take you out so, you know, we get noticed?" I said behind her bedroom door cause she locked it.
"Give me 10 minutes" she sighed and I walked off to the living room to wait for her.
I see her walk out dressed in a varsity jacked, black and white skinny jeans, a nice shirt and hightop sneakers (black Adidas),
"well, would your fans approve?" She said pointing at her outfit,
"oh-urrm yeah. You look nice by the way" I said starring at her,
"oh thanks, and you look.... Not horrible?" She smiled confused,
"Thanks" I said sarcastically
"So, where are we going?" She said as we both got in the car,  
"I don't, how bout some where fancy?" I said looking at her and she turned to look out the window, 
"I don't like fancy, how bout Nandos? I've never been there and I've heard you say they have good food there" 
Finally something good come out of her mouth for once,
"You watch our interviews?" I said smiling and waving my eyebrows up and down,
"Don't get your hopes up buddy boy, my little sister does and she higher's the volume up so everyone could here you, and it's kinda hard to ignore your Irish accent" she said chuckling,
"ahhhhh so what I'm hearing is you think my accent is cute" I said laughing, she just rolled her eyes and put on the radio avoiding the question. 
"You didn't answer my question" I teased
"Fine, maybe your accent is a little but I'm not saying you are, that's like saying a tornado's friendly" she joked,
"we're here" I said ignoring her comment.
When we got out of the car there were paparazzi every where.
*Leila's P.O.V* 
I was actually enjoying them, they didn't really annoy me... Well until,
"Noobs!" I heard a man call out and I stopped and turned around and made my way over to him, nothing gets to me more mad than that word.
"Says the noob that's following people around for a living and invading there privacy, get a real job yuh fucking pedifile" I spat and he shut up, I walked back to Niall and he took my hand and led me inside. 
"Well isn't someone feeling sassy" he said 
"I just don't like that word" I said straight forward.
"Noob, noob, noob, noob"
"Shut the hell up and order" I said aggravated and he orderd.
*Niall's P.O.V*
Man someone's pissed.
I thought this girl was going to order a salad or something but she ordered the biggest sand which on the menu, I took a meal and sat it down on the table. I noticed some of the paparazzi taking pictures from behind the windows.
"At least pretended that you're happy" I said and she smiled. 
"So tell me why you walked out this morning" I said, 
"You really wanna know?" She sighed and I nodded rapidly,
"I'll tell you when we get home" she said,
"then let's go now! C'mon we're both done with our food! Please?" I begged and she nodded and we both got up and I grabbed my keys and we were about to walk out when my phone rang, 
"It's Simon" I said and picked up, 
"Kiss her" he said getting straight to the point,
"At the car, kiss her before you get in" he said and hung up, 
"What'd he say?" She asked.
"He said we should kiss before we get in the car?" I said confused.
"oh..." She trailed off,
"I guess he wants us to make it official?" I shrugged and we walked to the car, photo's snapping, lights flashing,
"You ready" she said and I pulled her into what seemed like a 3 second kiss. It was strange, I never had a kiss like that... Well... It left me wanting more..... Just ignore my thoughts. We both got in and shut the car doors.
"Well... That was quite pleasant" she said breaking the silence.
"Tell me what happened!" I argue with her and she threw her jacket on the floor and kept highering the volume on the TV. I snatched the remote from her and turned it off.
"C'mon you said you would tell me when we got home and now we're home!" I whined,
"Ugh fine" she sighed giving up and I took a seat beside her on the sofa,
"Well when I was nine my father used to come home drunk and be stupid, only this time he was really drunk..." She said and I saw tears fill her eyes, "He started to hit her then he grabbed her wristed and tried to 'fool around with her' but she fought back and replied, 'I've had enough of your fucking games' and that's when he got really aggravated..." I saw a tear fall down her cheek, "he said something but was mumbling then stabbed her, I remember the look he gave me too, it was an 'I'll get you too' look, I'll never forget that look, I ran out before he could get me, the next day someone found me and brought me to a foster home, Simon's sister adopted me when I was 10, the reason I'm still scared is because I never said anything to anyone, and well... He's not in jail, and I'm still scared he might find me, and when you grabbed my wrists all those memories came flooding back and it-it just frightened me" she said and a few tears escaped her eyes,
"Listen, I wont let him hurt you" I said and held her wrists and saw her wince, I looked down at them and saw bruises circling around it, is that why she wore that varsity jacket?
"I'm so so so sorry" I said looking at her, "I shouldn't have even touched you in the first place."
*Leila's P.O.V*
"It's fine, I'll ice it off" I said and got up,
"Good night and thank you, I have never told anyone that story before so thank you for letting me get that off my chest" I said and walked away, 
"Wait!" I heard Niall yell and I stopped, 
"Maybe your not that bad" he said and I smiled to myself and walked into my room.
Maybe he wasn't as bad as I thought he'd be?
What d'you guys think of this chapter?

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