A Bit Of Love Hate

Everyone would love to become the famous Niall Horan's girlfriend right?


1. Contract?

*Leila's P.O.V*
Life's going great at the moment, just finished the hell whole I call high school.
Urrrm well I'm a bit of a singer but I'm forbidden of entering X-Factor.
Why? you may ask.
Well, my uncle is Simon Cowell -_-
I'm not complaining or anything, I mean he IS my favorite uncle, no one knows that he is 'cause I don't have the accent... :( wish I did, I would never shut up, not that I do now...I like my family on the judge mental side....
Any who, it's summer vacation so why think?
It's time for swimming, barbecues, and laziness.
I also just turned 18, BONUS!
Currently... I'm kickin' some kids ass in fifa, I'm a bit of a game addict...
"LEILA!" I hear my mom yell, and right in the middle of my game. 
"Bro I'll be right back, mom's callin" I sighed
"Yea mom?"
"Your moving to Britain to spend time with your uncle, he's requested it" she said fearing I might argue with her,
"Okay!" I said happily,
"What no argument?"  
"Mom I love uncle simon, plus I've always wanted to go to Britain, but for how long?"
"well until Simon gets sick of you..." She joked 
I was at the airport with my best friend, Rebecca, and family, saying bye to my best friend would probably be the hardest, we've been through it all basically...
"Promise me you wont do any crazy shit with out me" she said and hugged me,
"really, Bec you expect me to be all sweet and innocent" I said and she winked,
"save the extra fun pranks for me when I get there" she whispered,I gave her a confused look
"flight 10A leaving in 5 minutes" I heard from the announcements, I waved my last goodbye and walked off. My sister Alexia had ran after me, 
"Buy me a key chain when you come back" she said smiling at me,
"You got it dude" I said and hugged her then walked in the plane and took my seat, I sat there for about 8 hours with my Ipod on shuffle. I swear if there was no music I would be swinging through this plane like a jungle jim...
When I got off the plane I saw a man with my name on a big white paper, 'Leila Cowell',
"I'm Leila" I said to the man and he nodded and let me out the airport into a limo, when I scooted in I saw Simon sitting in there as well, "Way to be normal uncle Simon" I joked and he looked at me, "I need to talk to you", that one sentence brought back every single bad thing I have done to memory... 
"Wait, I've never been to Britain so why am I in trouble?" I said confused
"Your not in trouble" he laughed, "I just need you to do me a favor.."
"ask away..." I replied 
"well you know that band I manage, One Direction" 
"yea... YOUR INSECURE! DONUT WHAT FOR!" I said sarcastically, Im not really a directioner but I'm somewhat a fan, I mean I like their music...? 
"It's don't know what for..." He said giving me a dumb look
"I know" I said smiling to myself
"any way I need you to something for me.." He said and took out a paper that looked like a contract, 
"well all members have been well, 'mingling' except for Niall... I was wondering if you could maybe be his fake slash real girlfriend for a while because rumors are going around saying that he's gay and doesn't like girls, or he doesn't have any respect for women"
"No, why would I want to be with a guy who gets wasted and screws girls every night" I said trying to reason with Simon,
"Please, for me, you told me you would do anything for family" he was right, I did say that.
"ahhh pulling the family card finally worked for you" I said giving up and signing the contract, 
"By the way you will also be rooming with Niall and making sure he doesn't go out to get drunk, you signed the contract so now you have to do it"
"Ugh, Simon!" I wined 
"ah ah ah that's uncle Simon to you" he said as the limo stopped,
"Liam will take your bags and you to the flat" 
"I wanted to spend time with you though" I said kissing up 
"That's bull, now have a nice day El" 
suddenly Liam opened up the door and I stepped out,
"your the sweet one right?" I asked 
"yeah" he chuckled 
"take me to my prison" 
"Niall's not that bad, honestly he has just changed ever since those rumors have been going around"
"aaahhh I see the problem the boy need to stop listening to the directionaters or whatever you call them out in twitter world... Excuse my lack of knowledge about your fandom" I said as I sat in the car and closed the door,
"Your smart, hopefully you can bring the old Niall back"
"hmph I doubt that" I thought to myself...
'knock' 'knock' 'knock'
No answer.
"Like usual" I heard Liam say an he pulled out a key and unlocked the door. As we walked in I saw some girl all over Niall an they were making out, "good show" I said clapping, "Jolly good show" I saw the slut twitch and get off at him,
"who's this" she said looking me up and down,
"slut my face is up here" I said pointing at my face and she rolled her eyes,
"who.is.this" she repeated herself,
"My so called new girlfriend" I heard Niall say, I bet you this girl feels completely used huh? I really want to burst into laughter now...
I see Liam give him a look then he rolls his eyes,
"Get out" he says to the girl,
"excuse me" she says
"get out" he repeats himself
she stands up and walks past me
"ahuh ahuh slut ahuh ahuh" I say as she slams the door, 
"Niall this is Leila, Leila, Niall... Well, have a nice day" Liam said walking towards the door,
"excuse you?" I say and walk over to him,
"you're gonna leave me with this wreck!" I whisper,
"everything will be okay" he says and walks out the door. 
I turn around and look at Niall as he's just staring at me... I just drag my luggage to the living room and and sit down, I was about to unpack my xbox 360 until the man whore himself decides to open his mouth,
"hey how bout you go make me asand which" he laughs
"How bout you walk your lazy ass to the kitchen and make yourself one or go learn a new joke" I spat 
"ahhh feisty are we?" He says and walks to the door,
"and where are you going?" I say
"what are you my baby sitter now?" 
"Pretty much" I say and sit on the sofa in the living room,
"Well I'll be in my room if you need me"
"I won't" I chuckle and when I hear the door close I unpack my Xbox, time to kill sometime...
*Niall's P.O.V*
I sat in my room for an hour, what did I do to deserve this, can't a guy just have fun? Noooo, Simon had to go out and get me a girlfriend, I want something REAL not fake.
"WHAT THE FUCK BRO, I MADE THAT!" I hear Leila scream, what the hell is going on put there? I walk out and see her on an Xbox, where'd she get that? 
"Care to join?" She says startling me...
"ummmm no" 
"You have a made right?" 
"well good cause I made a bit of a ... well, mess" she says and I see a huge sand which on the table next to her, I walk over to the kitchen and see bread crumbs every where, 
"You could've atleast made me a sand which!" I yell, 
"NOT YOU BIIIIITCH" she sings,
"hey wanna make a bet?" She says as I walk in the living room,
"No" I say rudely 
"Well you have nothing better to do" she laughs
"And who's fault is that?" 
"Yours" she said smiling
"whatever, what's the bet" I say changing the subject,
"Me, you, fifa, if I win you have to buy me a water slide, and be my servant for a week" she said
"and what if I win?" 
"I'll be your servant for a year" 
"game on" I said and sat on the floor and we started a game...
she won. 
"Whaaaaat? Redo!" 
"Did I forget to mention I'm the number 1 player in America, oopsie" she says laughing
"Now let's order that water slide!" 
I ordered the water slide for her and sat back down, 
"wait I have one more request servant" 
I rolled my eyes and looked at her "what"
"Go make me a sand which" she said smiling, 
"Fuck you" I spat and walked to the kitchen.
What a keeper....


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