1D everything

note- this is not a fan fiction!!!! do you want to be kept updated with the best and latest one direction news and short fan fictions from others NOT ALL BY ME, here is the place to be


6. Teen Choice Awards!!

OMG DID YOU SEE ONE DIRECTION GOT 4 I REPEAT 4 SURF BOARDS AND THEY OPENED THE SHOW WITH BEST SONG EVER IT WAS AWESOME i cant believe this happened i'm so proud *sniffs* well that's not all AND ZAYN'S ENGAGE TO THE WONDERFUL PERRIE EDWARD'S OMG I AM SO HAPPY!!!! AND THEY ARE PERFORMING AT THE MTV AWARDS ON AUGUST 25 SO WATCH THAT ALSO well bye!! Luv You all you better watch the mtv awards if you dont i will hunt you down jk no i wont maybe well, bye


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