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4. one direction imagine by Cher-bear69!!!

This imagine was written by Cher-bear69


(to read more imagines by Cher type her name into the search bar, you can also read he latest movella 'finding you;)



You and Harry come back from your date at the beach and you are both exhausted so you flop down on Harrys couch. a few minutes later, harry grabs your hand and pulls you to the kitchen and there were baking ingredients everywhere. you looked at him and laughed. he laughed with you as he put some icing on your lip. you told him to get it of and he kissed your lips softly and said there you go. Harry turned around to get a drink as you taped him on the shoulder and as he turned around put more icing on his lips and said my turn and winked at him cheekily. you rose on the tip of your toes and kissed him as he picked you up and laid you down on the couch. he whispered in your ear what did I ever do to deserve you and then kissed you again on your lips.


thank you Cher for this awesomely awesome movella xxx

Love Georgia xxx

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