1D everything

note- this is not a fan fiction!!!! do you want to be kept updated with the best and latest one direction news and short fan fictions from others NOT ALL BY ME, here is the place to be


2. good movella alert!!!!

I have recently come across an amazing movella called you and I. Here is the description:

Summer is almost 18. Her parents were killed in a tragic accident and is loosing everyone close to her. But her world is sent spinning round when she meets 19 year old Harry Styles and they fall deeply in-love. Harry has a dark secret but will Summer ever find out?

Sounds good doesn't it. its by Amelia <3 and it really is a good read. (note - chapter 48: I'm never going to forget this contains a sexual scean of some manor (beware) its not that bad just thought I'd worn you, just in case.

Please like, comment and favourite Amelia's fanfic because she really deserves it!!!!

Love Georgia

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