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note- this is not a fan fiction!!!! do you want to be kept updated with the best and latest one direction news and short fan fictions from others NOT ALL BY ME, here is the place to be


1. about - all you need to know

please note that this is NOT a fanfic even though I will be adding short fanfics written by others (if you want me to add yours tell me what its called and were to find it, and please don't be offended if your movella doesn't get published because I might not have time or I might not have been able to find your movella). I will also be telling you all of the movella's I think are worth reading. I will also be giving you the latest 1D news and gossip. I hope this helps to keep you updated about the boys and what there up to and also good movella's that I have read. If you have any questions please just tell me through comments and I will try to answer as many as possible.  

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