One Listen was All it Took

Over Xbox live the boys here someone singing and instantly want to know who she is...
Which one will find her first?
Which one will steal her heart?


2. Ice Cream

*Harry's P.O.V*
Lately her voice has been popping into my head here and there over the weekend, well, mostly because when ever I'm in a party with Mac they end up getting into these little arguments, she sounds so cute when she gets aggravated. The lads and I are on tour at the moment, right now we're in America, well, Schenectady. Obviously, I brought my Xbox 360 with me.
I was thinking, 'doesn't Mac and his sister live in Schenectady?', I've heard Mac say to his sister, "Are you stupid, it's right here in Schenectady", which is pretty much a big give away. None of the other boys have been on Xbox that much so
I've heard of some place called... Bumpies? I heard that it was a great icecream place with bumper boats and rock climbing walls, so I figured, why not meet her here?
"Hey Mac?" 
I joined his Xbox live party and played a couple games with him but now it's time for plan 'Rarry' to take place, does it sound too cheesy? Well good ;)
"Yeah bro?"
"Does your sister like One Direction?" I asked
"No she likes The Wanted" He said in a sarcastic 'why would you ask a dumb question like this?' voice.
"Good cause I heard that The Harry Styles is going to be there handing out tickets and crap like that" I said acting like I didn't like my own band.
As soon as he heard me say that he called her, "Rebecca!" he yelled, ahhhhh so that was her name, Rebecca.
He told her what I told him and she said, "I'll be down there in 10 minutes" filled with excitement, cant wait.
"Mac I have to go, I'll be on later" I said hoping he would just say bye,
"K brah, but when you get back invite all your other friends to the party too 'cause I want to play three on three"
I said sure and got off and dressed,then made my way to Bumpies.
*Rebecca's P.O.V*
AAAAHHHH! If Mac's playin' another trick on me I'll kill him, for real this time.
I quickly went upstairs and got changed into an outfit and was on my way out. Bumpies is literally like a five minute walk from my house so I don't have to drive. When I got down there I saw him, holy crap, I thought while pinching myself, Is it really him? 
I was on my way over to him when I got a text, I took out my phone and before I even got to reading the text I bumped in to someone and my phone dropped, "Watch it" the voice sounded familiar, oh no, please no. When I looked up I saw Harry with icecream all over his shirt, "Oh my god, I'm so s-" I was cut off, "Save it" Rude much?
"Excuse me" I said picking up my phone, I'm not just going to stand there and be talked to like that, yuh know?
"You heard me, save it, you just ruined my shirt, and I don't have time for fans like you"
"Again. Excuse me, I come over here to get tickets for you guys' concert and I'm being treated like complete shit? Have a nice day styles" I said aggravated, he's lucky I didn't go off on that mop.
*Harry's P.O.V*
Did she just say she wanted tickets? oh crap... what the hell did I do?
"Hey!" I screamed but she didn't turn around, I guess I was a little harsh, I have to watch my temper sometimes.
I ran after her and when I caught up I apologized but she acted like I was completely invisible, man I hated it when people did that. I grabbed her and turned her around to face me, "Listen, I'm SORRY, the only reason I was giving you an attitude was because I really liked this shirt" I tried saying without shouting at her, "Ever heard of a washer machine or maybe buying another shirt like it, I'm pretty sure you can afford a billion of them" she said rolling her eyes, "I said I was sorry" I whined, "Well sorry doesn't cut it" she said mimicking my accent. Maybe I would have to offer her something? "I could buy you icecream?" I said hoping she would say okay, "You can't buy friendship Styles" ugh feisty aren't we? 
"urrrm I'll follow you home if you don't forgive me" maybe bribery would work...
"Fine" she said giving up, I smiled,
"Can I buy you icecream now?"
*Rebecca's P.O.V*
"Can I buy you icecream now?" he said smiling at me
"I'm not poor Styles I can pay for my self"
"What's your last name?" he said completely changing the subject,
"Jones, why?"
"Well 'Jones' I'm paying for your icecream"
I guess if I was calling him Styles he would be calling me Jones. We walked back down to Bumpies, there were a couple of directioners there who took a photo of or with him and stuff,
"What would you like?" the guy asked,
"Ooooh I want a medium Lemon Lime Slushy and Cookie doe icecream" I said like a little girl,
"I'll have chocolate" Harry said,
"That'll be $8.36" He said smiling at me, "I could give this pretty lady a discount" he said, how sweet, "Thanks babe!" I'm not going to be rude to the man, I pulled out my wallet but Harry had already got out a 10, 
"We're paying full price thank you very much" He said, but not nicely...
We sat down at the table and he started licking his icecream,
"Why did you pay for me?" I hate it when people do that, I don't know, it just bothers me,
"Well it would be rude for a man not to buy his date an icecream, huh"
I blushed but when were we on a date?


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