A Second Chance

"A second chance, a second chance is all I need" I thought to myself


2. Feeling Again...

*Harry's P.O.V*
Today my love is visiting the whole gang... Well because it's my birthday. I watch her as she gets up and goes to the bathroom. She was so strong yet helpless. She looked in the mirror and sighed as she took of her close off and got into the shower. After she came out she brushed her hair down and put on her clothes, blue skinney jeans and a shirt with both our faces on it. I remember gettung that for her 17th birthday, she looked in the mirror and I saw a tear form in her eye.
"Stop crying, I'm here, I'm always here" I say but as usual I get no reply, I'm invisible.
I see her grab a bag hidden underneath the sink that I had never seen before, it was black with white trimming. I see her take out make up, she use to wear it but I told ger she wouldn't have to. She looked beautiful with out it. She grabbed the foundation and I shook my head. I tried to grab it out if her hand but like I said, I'm invisible. She put on the foundation then eye liner and so on. I can't stand when she does this, it hides her natural beauty. She gets up and checks her face in the mirror but doesn't smile, I know her, I know she knows I can see her doing this. That's why she isn't smiling. She grabs her keys off of the counter, slides on her shoes and locks the door. She opens the door to the car and just sits in there. She just brushes her hair back with her hands and looks to the front of her. She turns on the radio and with just her luck 'One Thing' plays, but she doesn't turn it off. She highers it, smiles and starts to drive. I remember how much she loved it when I sang to her. When she had a nightmare and I would just wrap her in my arms and sing her a lullaby. She hums along to the song with her sweet angelic voice that I've missed so much. When she stops the car I see a fimiliar house, it was my moms. I've missed my mom, sister, and the lads. You have no idea...
"Abby!" I hear Gemma yell, oh how I've missed her voice as well.
"Vas Happening?" I hear Zayn say and all the lads come to give her a hug. Liam had given her the longest hug, which was really weird, but I chose to ignore it. He was probably just comforting her. The whole gang sat in the living room watching home movies of me when I was young. Abby, Gemma and my mother were all huddled in there own group. I see my mom smile as tears escape her eyes, as well do Gemma and Abby. The boys were going to, I could tell, they were just trying to be manly. After the home movies they were cutting the cake, they put 5 candles on it spelling out 'Harry' and told Abby to blow it and make a wish. She took a deep breath and blew out the candles. I walked into my old bedroom to well re-live my child hood memories when something stranged happened. Like usual I would just go through the door but I couldn't this time. I started to feel and I walked down stairs but still no one saw me. I walked onto the pourch and looked at the stars and they started to form a question, 'Would you like a second chance?'
"A second chance, a second chance is all I need" I thought to myself. "Yes" I said and everything went black.
I woke up in my bed in the same clothes I was wearing the day I had died. It was the next day, I could tell because my birthday was marked on the calendar. I turn to see Abby. I gripped her hand and started to play with it and a few tears escaped my eyes. I can hug her. I can love her. I can talk to her. I can kiss her. This is a miracle. All of a sudden she opened her eyes and just starred at me.
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