Why the caged bird sings

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  • Published: 19 May 2013
  • Updated: 19 May 2013
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This a birds-eye view on being stuck in a cage


1. Why the caged bird sings

                                                                  As I look out the window I see;


                                                            The moonlight dancing on the ocean blue,

                                                          bringing light to hearts where darkness grew.

                                                             Making sand sparkle in the ocean lagoon,

                                                            where dreams and wishes begin to bloom.


                                                              Then the light washes the darkness away,

                                                                  turning hate to love and night to day.

                                                            Staining the sky with the pink light of dawn,

                                                        all the darkness in the world is suddenly gone.


                                                               But alas, I sit alone, singing in my cage,

                                                      while for others the whole wide world is their stage.

                                                        Some shoot for the moon or reach for the stars,

                                                                but I spend my days stuck behind bars.


                                                               I sing songs of freedom, that all can hear,

                                                               yet not a soul listens to my songs of tears.

                                                             They don't understand my dreams and desires,

                                                                         freedom alone is all I require.


                                                                   I can see freedom clear as day,

                                                                     I stretch to reach it, but in vain.

                                                      Others fly  above the clouds in the bright blue sky,

                                                            they fly over the rainbow so why can't I?


                                                         I stare at my reflection in the glass and see,

                                                               shattered hopes and broken dreams.

                                                             I see sparks that have flickered and died,

                                                          and a yearning for freedom, for the world outside.


                                                                So I open my mouth and burst into song,

                                                                       showing you all that I belong,

                                                     in the world outside where I can spread my wings.

                                                                And that is why the caged bird sings.









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