Age Is Just A Number

This about a fanfiction of one of the boys falling in love with a girl named Karma Bennington that is only 13.


1. Intro

HI my Name is Karma Danielle Bennington. I am 13 and i am home  schooled because my brother is Liam Payne. You may be wondering why we have different last names so i will tell you. Me and Liam Have the same mom but different but our mom is currently married to my dad so Liam used his dad's last name and i use my dad's. GTG i am off to a 1D signing.



Sorry if it is short i am new here and stuff so yeah. i will make the next chapter soon. But i have sad news i won't be posting a lot of chapters for the first week because my bff Flipp just died and i am sad so i am writing a fanfiction to try and move on. i need co-writers so pls email me @ thank you.


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