Age Is Just A Number

This about a fanfiction of one of the boys falling in love with a girl named Karma Bennington that is only 13.


3. Asking her out

Harry POV:

 Today i will ask her out i am planning on cooking her breakfast give her a rose and put a cheeky note with it.


Liam and Simon's POV:

Liam me and the management have decided that Harry needs a girlfriend and we thought Karma is perfect for the job, they will go on a few dates snog a few times and yeah.


No way Harry is a player.


They fake dating.




Harry and Karma's POV:

(Harry's Cheeky Note) Dear Karma, I know your only 14 and i am 19 but i really like you every time i see you i just fall in love with you and i really love you so will you pls be my girlfriend?


Harry? yes? i'd love to be your girlfriend. Do you want to go on a date with me? sure harry!


Liam's POV:

I see the way my sister looks at harry i know my sister likes harry so faking won't be a problem to them. i don't want my sister to be with harry i just don't think harry will do like harry is always with a girl like having sex then ditching like i don't want my sister to get pregnant like she is only 14! 


Simon, Karma and the boys POV:


I had a chat with liam and we decided it is time for harry to have a girlfriend. But. no buts harry, Karma is now your fake girlfriend. why fake it? what harry? Karma is already my girlfriend we have been  dating for 2 hours. what! surprise Liam! Karma can i talk to you in private.


Karma and Liam's POV: I agreed with uncle si for fake dating karma! but little did i know you 2 are dating for 2 hours already and you 2 have been alone in your room for 2 hours alone and who the hell knows what you guys were doing! Why are you pissed like fuck liam just let be happy like seriously age is just a number. I am looking out for you! well stop your only my brother and Harry is here for me now so just piss off. what are you doing? packing clothes. why? because there is no way i will stay with you if you are going to say shit about my love life. where are you going to stay? at harry's flat.


At harry's flat. 

Karma and Harry's POV:

Hey babe. Harry i'm in my bra and undies. so what i will see you like this everyday. true. Harry i just wan you to know that i want you to be my first. i know you do but are you sure your ready. i was since a year ago. ok.

                                                                                     skip the sex scene..................

Next day.........

Babe are you ok? yes harry just feel a bit dizzy. are you preggers? idk. i will get a test hold on. here go test.

5mins later it says?????


Cliffhanger so i changed her age to 14 and i need 2 co-writers.



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