Everything has changed. A load of EAHLF's (Energy Adapted Human Life Forms) have taken over when everything is destroyed. Lilienna is forced to help the human race continue from where it left off when the destructive energy wave passes through. The normal routine of the people dying, then being saved is broken and the long road to recovery is ahead. But is the power plant the only place where the energy can be stored? Are there other places or is it UNSUSTAINABLE....


11. Sugar plant

Woof felt so lonely outside on his own, nobody ever knew but he did have emotions. The others were really mean to him, he didn't like that, they had decided to just walk off, into the big building that kind of looked important. Woof was sure the others had told him what it meant before, maybe like a sugar plant or something like that.

          He walked inside, wanting to know if it was really made of sugar, he very much liked sugar a lot, nobody ever gave him sugar or sweets, why? It was very noisey in the sugar plant, everyone in here seemed to be screaming then there was silence. 

     Ah. Finally, peace and quiet! He thought to himself, loud noises hurt his ears. When Woof walked into the room, everyone stared at him. They looked very shocked.


Everyone was alternating looking between Woof and Lilienna.

     "Okay can someone please tell me what's going on?" asked Lilienna in an impatient tone. Woof was picking his nose, then picking out the ear wax from his ear and then ate both together.

     "Munah EAHLF and Petah EAHLF..." answered Eva.

     "Okay, what does that mean?" asked Lilienna.

     "Woof are you listening?" Marcus said, and when he got nothing from Woof, he gave up and just continued talking "Munah. It means weird. And Petah, it means new." 

     "That sentence on the wall says: Jun bae nas munah EAHLF, it's the same in both languages, tah nas Petah EAHLF wae goanunah hae aquine. That translates to: We need the weird EAHLF and the new EAHLF to complete this task. That means you and Woof have to do this next task by yourselves," said Eva. All heads turned to Woof, whose finger had paused in mid-air on the journey to his mouth. Mai's smacked her hand on her fore head.

     "Oh, all gods above, HELP US!!" Mai sounded as annoyed as Lilienna felt, she had to work with Woof. WITH WOOF!! Who can survive that long with one strange boy? No-one. Not her, she had just met him and now she had to work with him to do something.

     "Now Woof, you have to do this nicely and sensibly, you hear? You do exactly what Lilienna tells you to do. Okay?" said Marcus.


The others though Woof hadn't the slightest idea was going on. But he did, he knew more than they did about it. He had been chosen because everyone was so mean to him and didn't let him do anything or take part in anything for fear of him messing it up. But he wouldn't! Sometimes, he had some quite good ideas that, if taken into account, made perfect sense. Like the time he had told them that if you throw a tennis ball really hard, you would be able to make it go a long way. They had needed to get somewhere a really long way away so, he thought, why not make a really big tennis ball, so they could all fit on, and throw it really hard so they could get there. If it was thrown hard enough, they would have got there but the others didn't seem to like his idea, they just turned him down.

          The new girl, Lilienna, was chosen because there was something in her that was powerful. She was what was keeping the world together. She was born to be a hero, to control all that was going on, to create what had to be made. And he was made to help her, her helping hand. He was always happy to give a person a hand,  if they were really nice. But this time he had to, the sort-of-alive-girl-sort-of-dead-girl needed him, and he needed her. Together they would do this task well.

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