Everything has changed. A load of EAHLF's (Energy Adapted Human Life Forms) have taken over when everything is destroyed. Lilienna is forced to help the human race continue from where it left off when the destructive energy wave passes through. The normal routine of the people dying, then being saved is broken and the long road to recovery is ahead. But is the power plant the only place where the energy can be stored? Are there other places or is it UNSUSTAINABLE....


3. Searching

Woof was of some help today. He was strong, muscular and very big. He climbed the trees and then told Marcus if it was safe to proceed which is was most of the time except for when there was a really big crater in the ground and so they had had to go around it, the long way. But it didn't matter. It had started to seem as if there were no other EAHLF's and they would be doomed to a world of barren, destroyed, waste land for the rest of their lives. Nah. They had to keep faith in the fact that they could do it and do it right. Mai had seemed to think that this time was different to the other 4 times, which was weird because she never said anything like that. She always said things that were really positive that made everyone feel happy about the really dangerous task at hand. She made them all willing to throw themselves into danger, knowing they would make it out alive, they were immortal.

          Woof shimmied up another tree.

     "All clear?" Marcus asked.

     "Yep," replied Woof. "It's just a load of desert now."

     "If we have hit the desert then we have gone too far. We need to go back to the girls. They're patrolling all by themselves and plus, if we go too far, all the energy may run out and we might not be able to eat anymore. I wonder how the girls are getting on. You know, Mai thinks that everything will be different this time."

Woof burst out laughing. "Really? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!" 

     "Hey we should really listen to her, she's been around the longest so we can trust her to get it right. I mean, she's done this four times now. Four. Don't you think she knows what she's doing?"

     "I don't know. I've only done this once so I don't have a clue what to do. Would it be the same as last time?"

     "This is the point I'm trying to get across here. I don't know but Mai thinks it's different. So what I'm saying is we really take her word for it." Marcus was starting to get a little annoyed with Woof.

     "So what does Eva think?"

     "Well...Eva thinks...I don't actually know."

     "Why don't you ask her?"

          Both the boys had turned around and were heading back to the power plant. Woof insisted that he should still climb the trees to see if it was safe. That really got on Marcus' last nerve.

     "You know what Woof? I think next time I'll come here and do this on my own." Marcus then ran, leaving the over weight beast behind. How could one boy get so fat on energy?

          After about an hour of running, with the help of energy, he had managed to cover about 12 miles of barren road. Well that was what it felt like. had they actually come this far? He didn't remember traveling on this road. But his instinct told him he was going the right way and if not, he knew this way so well he would recognize where he was soon. His feet ached and his head pounded and he realized that he still had a hold of the energy. Their supply was critically low. The killing wave had been fatal to them, it always was. He needed to rest but he couldn't afford to, he had to get back; it was almost night fall and they would venture the power plant at night fall. Marcus felt bad about leaving Woof behind, but he had been a pain. It was a shame that he couldn't come and help out with finding the clues to creating more energy because, at times, he could be quite useful. Then again, most of the time he was annoying. Better not to have him than have to put up with him for another task. But then Marcus heard shouts and cries behind him. Woof was using the absolute last of the energy to run up to him, super, lightening speed. 

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