Everything has changed. A load of EAHLF's (Energy Adapted Human Life Forms) have taken over when everything is destroyed. Lilienna is forced to help the human race continue from where it left off when the destructive energy wave passes through. The normal routine of the people dying, then being saved is broken and the long road to recovery is ahead. But is the power plant the only place where the energy can be stored? Are there other places or is it UNSUSTAINABLE....


2. Patrol

Eva and Mai were patrolling the power plant. They were loaded with guns knives and they both had their powers ready to use whenever they needed to. They were protecting the power plant because hidden within it were the clues to figuring out where their precious energy was coming from. Eva and Mai were part of the EAHLF ( Energy Adapted Human Life Forms). They didn't dare enter the power plant in the day when there may be other unknown EAHLF's trying to get the clues for themselves. they were in an awkward situation right now. Because of the energy leak they were weak and this was the time (it only came once every millenia this chance) to go looking for unofficial EAHLF's. But at then again if there was any EAHLF's that had been created in the energy leak then they would most likely come looking here as an instinctive thought to get their powers back to full strength again, even if they didn't know what they were.

          All together, in the whole of time, there had only been 4 EAHLF's created. 2 of them were Eva and Mai and the other two were the boys Woof and Marcus. Woof was sometimes a little hopeless but Marcus never never failed to impress. They were both out looking for other unofficial EAHLF's. Some how both girls seemed to know that Woof was some where lying on the ground complaining while Marcus tried to get him up... again. Mai was the first of the EAHLF's to ever exist on her own and she had had to survive on her own, fighting for survival when she had almost died of starvation but had used her powers to revive herself and found food every day for a millenia. Then she had started to build up the human race again by herself. When that wave of power that destroyed everything had hit, she had had to form the EAHLF group and Marcus had helped her to revive the human race again. Every millenia the energy wave had got worse and worse and restoring the human race again and again had got harder and harder. Every millenia so far a new EAHLF had come along and they had helped restore the world, that's why it was vital to find another EAHLF to help other wise the world would be stuck like this. 

          Once they had found there other EAHLF then they would have to find the instructions from inside the power plant, which moved around and changed. Sometimes it would be in a language they understood sometimes it would be in a made up one. But every single time, the instructions had changed and last time they had only just managed to find them, do them, create more energy and get the energy back. Who knew what it was going to be like this time and something inside of all the official EAHLF's told them it was going to be so different this time. They didn't know what would happened they just knew that it was going to be different and that this new EAHLF better not be another Woof.

     "Movement!" shouted Eva at the top of her lungs over the whistling wind. Both girls pointed their held there hands towards where the movement was and warped the energy around them to suit their needs. There wasn't much left so they had to do something simple that wouldn't take up too much of the remaining energy. Eva shot stones towards the spot at which something had moved and Mai shot one short single laser beam that wouldn't kill whatever was over there, just startle them.

     "Wait! There's nothing there. Stop using the energy now!" cried Mai. Eva instantly let go of her hold on the energy and the stones stopped.

     "What?" Eva asked.

     "There's nothing there. It was just the wind."

     "How can you be sure?"

     "Run over there."

Eva took hold of the dwindling supply of energy and used it to run at lightning speed over the land. She went a mile in every direction then ran back. 

     "Okay fine. It might have been the wind." Eva panted.

They both went back to patrolling the power plant.

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