Everything has changed. A load of EAHLF's (Energy Adapted Human Life Forms) have taken over when everything is destroyed. Lilienna is forced to help the human race continue from where it left off when the destructive energy wave passes through. The normal routine of the people dying, then being saved is broken and the long road to recovery is ahead. But is the power plant the only place where the energy can be stored? Are there other places or is it UNSUSTAINABLE....


5. Just some dead girl

Woof was getting tired of running around in circles and screaming at the top of his lungs. Everybody always ignored him. They thought he was crazy but running around in random circles was part of a normal person's life, wasn't it? It was part of his daily life. He did it every single day, not caring how weird people thought he was. Woof remembered back to when he was a human. His real mother had abandoned him and his adoptive parents put him in an asylum, a place for the mentally ill. But he wasn't mentally ill, he had just always been a little different. It wasn't fair that he was an EAHLF; he missed the padded cell with the foamy walls, ceiling and floor so he couldn't hurt himself. It was cosy there. He had never know where the door was, not that he would have wanted to escape; he had food, water, a straight jacket; everything you could need. Here there was nothing and he meant absolutely NOTHING. The energy destroyed every thing and things were going missing. Weird. He felt weird because he was still running around in circles and every one was still staring at him. Woof decided to stop (which took several attempts) and sat down.

     "So what's that?" he asked as Eva drew nearer with the... thing.

     "WOOF! THAT is a girl! Our new EAHLF!" answered Mai, her words hurt him.

     "It's true. THAT is the person who will help us fix this mess. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT, freak her out. You know what it's like being new and not knowing what to do. It's scary isn't it?" Marcus spoke in a firm voice. He knew he was about to cry, but then (some how Woof found it amusing) Eva ran up and dropped a 14-ish looking girl on the ground. She looked dead. Just some dead girl.

     "He he," he laughed. "Is she dead?" He had asked the question but then almost immediately regretted it; he couldn't understand big words. He found them so intimidating that he fell to the ground, crying like a newborn baby.

     "Um..." said the girl who had just woken up. "What;s wrong with him?"

     "Nobody knows," replied Mai.

     "What's right with him?" said Eva. She had meant the question to be rhetorical.  

     "NOTHING!" said Marcus. Woof knew that Marcus didn't like him and that made him cry harder. "I told him not to freak you out! Erg!" Marcus turned to the sort-of-alive-girl-sort-of-dead-girl. "I'm sorry about him. You must be very confused about what is going on." Woof didn't like him talking to her like he was so nice but actually he wasn't. Woof screamed at the top of his lungs so that no-one could hear a word he said. But somehow he managed it.

     "SHUT UP!!" Then everything went black for Woof.


"Marcus!" exclaimed Eva. "Why did you kick him in the face? Oh, there's blood."

     "You know he can't help how he is!" cried Mai, just as upset as Eva.

     "I'm sorry! He's been annoying me all day, I've had just about enough. I think I deserve a break!" said Marcus. He stormed off. He didn't know where he was going (it all looked so different, every thing was vanishing). Mai and Eva called out after him but he didn't stop. He didn't even turn around.

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