The Deciders

Life after death. I’ve always wondered what it was like. Dark? Light? A forest? Maybe just another life? None of us really knew, none of us really understood. We were curious. Curious and young and naive, blind for the dangers we were playing with. We never imagined what our experiments could do to the world, we never fully understood the consequences of what we were in the midst of. Our experiments were dangerous, we realize that now. All of us. Or well, those of us who are left. We payed a horrible price for our games, we made the wrong choices, we played with stuff not meant to be played with. Now we have to forevermore play those games, we have to always look after each other, we need to pay attention. And if we don’t.. If we don’t we will no longer have a choice. We are the Deciders and this is our story.


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"We thought we could play. We thought we could win. In reality, none of it was ever our decision. None of it was ours to decide and so we never had an actual chance of escaping. The first  time we rolled the dice we were had bound ourselfves for life. With each roll we were sucked in deeper. Now there is no way out, we are, and will forevermore be known as the Deciders."

Elyce Westfell - The Deciders

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