Ella is a normal 10 year old girl, she loves to play with her small piglet truffles. She has a perfect life until her parents split up. Her life turns upside down, will Ella be able to handle it?


3. Truffles

Truffles has always been my bestfreind. When I am scared i hold her tightly in my pocket and close my eyes. I even take Truffles to school, she stays in my bag and sometimes sits in my fleece pocket. Lucy likes to take the mick out of me for having a teddy, even when her bed is covered in teddies, she hardly has any space to sleep. She has to sleep in her Mums bed because she likes to make a fuss because she doesn't want me to make her bed messy. All i have to sleep in is the blow up matress at the end of Lucy's bed with a thin blanket. I'm back at Mums place now in my OWN bed with my OWN stuff.                                                                                   "How was your week at Dads, Sweetheart?" said Mum.                                                     "It was ok, I guess" I replied gloomily.                                                                         "What do you mean?" said Mum pulling a frown onto her face.                                           "Well, Lucy takes the mick out of me for having a teddy, and i hardly have a proper bed. I have to sleep on the blow up matress at the end of Lucy's bed, with a small thin blanket that only reaches my knees. Its like I'm not Dad's little girl anymore" I replied sadly.                                                                                                                           "That just won't do. I'm not having my little girl sleeping on a tiny matress!, you are not going to Dad's until he buys you a proper matress!." replied Mum angrily.

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