Ella is a normal 10 year old girl, she loves to play with her small piglet truffles. She has a perfect life until her parents split up. Her life turns upside down, will Ella be able to handle it?


1. Moving.

Friday was the day that my life changed. Mum and Dad had split up. Mum wanted me to come and live with her, Dad wanted me to come and live with him. I wanted to stay in our house at Buttercup Cottage. Our cottage had a Apple Pink door with crystal clear windows with a dashing coat of white paint. My room had crooked floor boards but i didn't care, thats what made my room unique.

We had a large garden overlooking a beautiful field, with a large Oak Tree in the center. I went under the willow tree when i was feeling down. In our garden we had a small pond with gold fish and frogs.                                                                             It has been a month now simce Mum and Dad have split up. We went to family counciling once a week. We had decieded that one week i would stay at Mums Place and the other week at Dads, but it just wasn't the same as buttercup cottage. Mum has got a new boyfreind now called Josh. Josh as three children who i have to share MY Mum with. Theres Tissa who's 13, Ben who is 4 and Lucy who is 9 (a year younger than me). Tissa and Ben a actually quiet ok, but Lucy is a whole new thing.

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