Ella is a normal 10 year old girl, she loves to play with her small piglet truffles. She has a perfect life until her parents split up. Her life turns upside down, will Ella be able to handle it?


2. Dads House

Lucy was so irratating. She keeps me up all night with her ear piercing high pitched voice and her terrible dancing. She prances around the room looking all danty and inocent. She's driving me out of my mind. I'm going to Dads today to meet his new girl freind Vicky. Vicky has two children, Lauren and Bradley. Lauren is 16 years old and Bradley is 10. I like Lauren because she lets me listen to all her CD's and she does my hair in loads of different styles, she gives me big eyelashes and puts make-up on me. Dad doesn't mind because he likes to see a smile on my face whilst I'm there. Vicky thinks she knows me, when she doesn't. She trys to think that she can replace my Mum, when she can't. She cooks and cleans all day long and sometimes joins in with Me and Lauren wich I quite fun because Me and Lauren do all her make-up and style her hair into big messy buns. For dinner we had roast chicken with carrots and sweetcorn, for pudding Dad and Vicky had sponge cake whilst Me, Lauren and Bradley had a big bowl of chocolate ice-cream each.

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