2. xSchoolx




                     Here I was, standing in front of my mirror, staring at my scars. It's been bad the past 6 years since my mother died and my father left unexpectedly. I was getting to the point where I was writing suicide notes and planning a suicide date. I got through it, but not all the way. I live with my grandmother now, Marie. She's been like a mother to me since I was 11 years old. But it's just not the same most of the time.


                      "Rosie! You're going to be late for you're first day!" my Grandmother sing-songed to me up the stairs. I pulled on some black skinny jeans, my favorite Sleeping with Sirens hoodie, fixed my fringe, and put on my all black Vans that I just got before school started. I grabbed my keys and my backpack and rushed out the door. "Bye Grandma!" I yelled on my way out. I hopped in my Black Honda Fit and made my way to North High School.


                      North High was flooded with people this year. Last year, eh, not so much. I was really looking forward to taking art this year. I've gotten really good at it the past few years and I won a few art contests. I stood by my locker, putting in my combination when my best friend, Alexandria Snyder, ran up and tackled me into a hug. "Nice to see you too," I laughed. Alex is an inch taller than me, and is a couple pounds heavier, but can throw a hard punch if someone talks smack about her. Or me for that matter. She's 16 which makes her 17 in July. We practically look like sisters according to lots of people at school. Alex and I both have scene hair. Her fringe is dyed an aqua blue with the rest black. Mine is just dark brown. Boring, right? Today she was wearing an Of Mice & Men t-shirt with black skinny jeans and her blue Chuck Taylor's which are always covered in her doodles. I've always been jealous of her, but I never admitted it. She got words added to her tattoo on her forearm of an anchor inside and infinity sign which now reads, 'I Refuse To Sink.' "Whatup chicka!" she said as she got off of me. "Oh you know. The usual, putting in a locker combination and getting tackled. Same old, same old." We both laughed and then met up with Chase Jordan. Our only guy friend and gay friend. He's pretty chill most of the time, but if you get on his bad side, I feel bad for your face. And you.

"Whatup whatup?!" I hollered while walking up to him.

"Chillin like a villain, yo." he replied, smiling.

Alex would always get so uptight about how me and Chase greet each other. So we keep doing it to bother her. Chase, he's awesome. Him, Alex and I have been best friends since kindergarten. Man, have we changed. He's 17, like me, and poor Alex is all 'young and stuff'. Or at least that's what she says. He normally wears his hair spiked in a low mohawk, and dyes it different colors a lot. He dresses like Alex and I. Band t-shirts; skinny jeans; Toms, Vans, or Chuck's. The usual. 

"You guys and your stupid ghetto talk," Alex said.

Chase started laughing and Alex punched him in the arm. He started fake crying. The bell rang and Chase and I headed to our first period.


When Chase and I got to Literature class (our favorite subject other than art) there was a new kid. He looked about 17 or 18. He had a body of an angel. His face was handsome yet boyishly cute. He wore a black t-shirt, and dark blue jeans. His black hair hung over his eyes in such a perfect way. His eyes, oh my gosh, his eyes were a charcoal black but soft and sweet. And he had the most adorable smile. Especially with those cute braces. It honestly made my heart melt. "Class, this is Dean Smith. He is a new student here, so make him feel welcome," Mrs. Meriwhether said with a smile.

This was definitely going to be a great year.


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