Somewhere in the light I'll find you!

This is the time where sixteen yoer old Hallie Johnson finds out her family is in great danger because of most deepest darkest secret identity. Her whole world will turn upside down from a heavenous wonderland to a place full of hatred called HELL! She finds herself meeting a few people along the way that will help her in the end or will they turn against her? Her life has fallen apart her real mother and father died in a car accident when she was 13 so she was put in a foster home where the people end up adopting her. Life has been horrible for her and her sister. Only if they knew her secret. Hidden from the people she loved until now. Could this love kill her, or how about her identity?


3. Who are you and why are you here?

~~“No you’re doing that wrong!” said Karla
“What do you mean I am doing it wrong? I’m doing the problem the way you told me to!” I said
“Shut up you dumb girl you know nothing! All you ever do is act like a victim in this family, you talk crap about us your family! You’re lucky we adopted you, we took you in! You ungrateful little witch! You’re lucky we gave you a room to stay in! We could have put you outside like I had suggested treating you like the animal you are! Your NOTHING! NOTHING!”
“You’re right I am nothing, but you’re not my mom and I will never be a part of your family! You say I’m an animal well then treat me like one because any place than here would be better for me. You say you gave me a room I live in an attic!”
“Be happy we even gave you that NOW go to the attic WITCH!”
 As all that had happened I started to cry. Jeremy burst through the door. My mother or should I just say Karla was smiling for making me cry and so was Jeremy. She was smiling at her most favorite child Jeremy so happy and sincere as that’s what he wants you to believe but on the inside lays a deep dark and desperate heart. In need of other attention than just a mother could provide, he was and still is as cold from the inside out. He of course knew what had just happened because he started to laugh at me as the tears came down my cheek.
 There was only another hour till my sister came home so I decided to go to my room in the attic to clean myself up and change my clothes. Until I had lay on my bed and had a flash back:
FLASHBACK: I was sitting in the back seat if a silver contour. With my old dog Pepper in the back seat. I look up and see who was driving because I must have fallen asleep. I see my father and mother in the front with my brand new baby sister in the car seat beside me. My mother started to speak to me in a really mellow tone. Her voice was soft and yet loud but quiet at the same time.
“Morning sleepy head how was your nap.”
“My nap was ok mom where are we going to I need to meet Haley at the Mall for seven and it’s already four.”
“We are on are way to the supermarket sweetie.” Said my father
His voice was strong and soft but yet could be very mean if necessary. I can still remember the smell of his cologne it smelled of cinnamon.
 Then the doorbell rang. It rang about two more times until I had realized that no one was home but me. Karla must have left with Jeremy and Rebbecca to take him to football and Rebbecca to a friend’s so she wouldn’t be home till later than I expected. So I had to answer the door. I was in a beetle’s t-shirt and a pair of sweats.
 There were five boys standing in front of me. The boy with brown hair and brown eyes stepped up and introduced himself as Liam. He explained how there bus had broken down a few miles away from here and had to walk here to see if they could use the phone. He also introduced the other boys. The one with black hair was Zayn, The one with blond hair and blues was Niall, The one with curly brown hair and green eyes was Harry, The one with brown hair and brown eyes is Louis.
“Can I use your phone?” asked Liam
“We don’t have a phone here” I explained
“Well where are we?” he asked
“Well you’re in the middle of nowhere, preferably known as Tennessee you’ll have to wait till Karla comes back and you could use her phone.”
“Who’s Karla? Is she your roommate, sister, maybe even your cousin?” Harry said
“NO! She is my adopted mom!” I half yelled and yet I am really starting to sound so gloomy.
 He just stood there and no one said anything else so I had to break the silence. I had asked them to come in and this is where it all began. Then Karla walked in.
“Oh my God it’s One Direction!” Said Karla
“Wow Your wish did come true mom.” Said Jeremy
“What’s going on here who are these people Hallie? Explain yourself” said Steve. He seemed a little confused
“What’s so exciting?” Said Hallie and Rebbecca
“Do you know who this is?” Said Karla
“No, I don’t listen to music anymore.” I said
 I had to exclude the fact that Karla wouldn’t let me listen to music, let alone even have a computer to listen or even buy music. Rebbecca just shook her head no.
“Well just for your information they are the most famous people in England and America of course.” Said Jeremy
“Wait, who are they and why do you know them Jeremy?” I said
“We’re One Direction!” Said the five boys
“Mom showed me” Jeremy just simply stated
Karla must have known their names and must be a very big fan because she started to act like a teenager again she my friends is what we call fan girling.
“Wait, you’re a fan?” Said Niall
“Yessss!!!!!!” Karla had yelled
“Well we are sort of stranded here so we can use your phone?” said Liam
“Well sure, yeah go ahead!” She said
  As soon as Liam took the phone and started to talk all the others started to walk away to talk. The boys had automatically sat down on the couch like this was their home that they belonged to. Then Liam had the boys huddle in the kitchen to talk about what needed to be done.
“The Family is a fan!” said Niall
“We all noticed Niall. We should ask to stay here?” said Harry
“Yeah, I guess we could since we don’t have anywhere else to go because the nearest hotel is miles and miles away and I think we would die if we walked all the way with this heat and no water.” Said Liam
“I really wanna stay here!” said Zayn
“Why, because of that girl? What’s her name anyways? Said Liam
“Yeah, and I don’t remember it was an odd name though.” Said Zayn
“Hey sweet cheeks? Brown haired girl what’s your name?” Said Harry looking at me.
“My name is Hallie.” I said really low hoping that Karla wouldn’t hear.
 They all went back to chatting amongst themselves in there circle.
“Well I think she’s cute too.” Said Niall
“You think she’s cute? I think she’s Hot even with sweatpants on!” said Harry




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