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This is the time where sixteen yoer old Hallie Johnson finds out her family is in great danger because of most deepest darkest secret identity. Her whole world will turn upside down from a heavenous wonderland to a place full of hatred called HELL! She finds herself meeting a few people along the way that will help her in the end or will they turn against her? Her life has fallen apart her real mother and father died in a car accident when she was 13 so she was put in a foster home where the people end up adopting her. Life has been horrible for her and her sister. Only if they knew her secret. Hidden from the people she loved until now. Could this love kill her, or how about her identity?


14. whats happening to me

~~Hallie: “Ok well Niall we need to talk to you and Haley alone please its urgent or no you know what we all can talk about it. Harry do you want to tell them or should I?”
Harry: “Well I’ll tell them and then will you forgive me?”
Hallie: “Trust is earned not just given but I will.”
Harry: “Ok well Niall you need to stay away from Haley.”
Niall: “Why?”
Haley: “Yeah I like Niall he’s pretty cool. why should I stay away from him? Other than the fact that he attacked me.”
Hallie: “Because do you know what happens to a kindrens if we drink a vampires blood?”
Haley: “No what?”
 She looked at Niall as if to say what did you do to me? But all he said was:
Niall: “I don’t know either.”
Harry: “It means that you have to stay away from her.”
Niall: “What if I don’t want to!”
Hallie: “You have to!”
Haley: “Why? I don’t understand.”
Harry: “Because if he doesn’t stay away from you he’ll go crazy and until his hunger is satisfied with your blood in his system he’ll end up falling for you and then he’ll end up killing you.”
Haley: “What do you mean he’ll kill me?”
Hallie: “He’ll kill you completely because his wolf side will come out and his wolf venom will kill you. Not his vampire side or warlock side. But Haley I can’t lose you not again. I had to leave last time this time. I’m not going anywhere. I just can’t lose anyone else. I almost lost you, not again, just please trust me.”
Haley: “But why do I feel so close to him?”
Hallie: “Because that’s his venom making you think that you want him and your bloods in his system so it makes him feel the same way but you’re not it’s just consequences of him feeding from you.”
 Haley then clung to his side like she had belonged there but it was just the curse that I had to figure out how to fix so they could live normal lives.
Hallie: “But there is one thing that we could try?”
Haley: “what is it?”
Hallie: “I want to help fix this mess so I have to look up some things in my journals and see how to fix this ok?”
Niall: “Just do whatever you have to do to help fix this. Please I just don’t want to feel like this I want to be normal.”
Hallie: “You are normal Niall .It’s just that the wrong thing that you did that has a consequence. I didn’t even think about it till Harry said something to me.”
 Harry: “I’m sorry I didn’t say something sooner but I didn’t know she was a vampire till now I thought she was a human. And I’m sorry I thought you were a human Haley.”
Haley: “Well that’s ok! I could be one. I mean I look like one so it’s not that bad.”
Hallie: “Well I think there is a way to give you guys a normal life but it requires a lot of reading in my library.”
Louis: “You have a library?”
Hallie: “Yeah of course I have a library! That’s where I get all the spells and stuff from the ancient times to middle ages to modern times now.”
Louis: “You had me at spell books can we learn these spells?”
Hallie: “Yeah but only in my room they go nowhere but here I can’t risk it any of it.”
Louis: “Would you marry me?”
 I laughed because I knew he was just kidding about marry him.
Hallie: “Sure Louis.” I took a long pause. “In your dreams I’ll be your wife.”

Niall’s P.O.V.
 I never thought this could happen. Since I was the youngest turned I didn’t know as much as the others I never read a book in my life except from school, Or for school but never on my free time.
 I can’t believe I feed from a vampire either. I mean that I knew if I feed from a vampire I would turn into one but that’s how I was created. But I turned into one of these kindrens. Just like the rest of us but Hallie she was born a Kinden she had a vampire father with a werewolf/witch mother, a grandmother that was a witch and a grandfather that is a werewolf.
 But now I’m going to hurt someone just because I feed from them and because it was a vampire. I wondered why I had felt this way when I saw her walk through the door. I had also wondered what she was thinking but I can’t read her mind it’s somehow blocked plus I’m not a very good mind reader that’s Harry’s job. I just don’t understand the way he does it.
   *** walked through door. ****
Hallie’s P.O.V.
I don’t believe harry how could he have been so selfish. He should have told me it was him. I mean I could be overacting here like I normally do but still. He knows he can trust me but I just don’t understand. We were supposed to tell each other everything! But well I guess not anymore. He knows how I feel about liars. I think they are no good useless people. Like when a guy cheats o his wife. Once he cheats never go back. I’ve had had happen before to. I had dated this one guy when I was with Haley. His name was Trevor. But I was thirteen and he was fifteen.  But that doesn’t matter anymore.
*back to reality*
I say to Louis: “Come on Louis I will take you to my secret stash unless anyone else wants to come along?
 They all look at me funny. All except Harry his eyes look apologetically. But I had to forgive him sometime just not right now.
Louis, “Ok let’s go. What types of books are there like spell books, potions, how they prevented werewolf transformations, how to….
Hallie, “Well there are potions, spell books, and not any was to prevent transformations for regular were wolfs, or how to cook with vampire venom.”
Louis, “How did you know that what I was going to say?”
Hallie, “Because I know you Louis duh!” “Haha”
Louis, “Well then you know me all too well.”
Hallie, “Ok watch this. This only stays between you and me!”
Louis, “OK.”
I grabbed my TV remote and hit the orange button that opened the bookcase and behind was a long staircase. That had some normal books along the walls. Then a long staircase took you down to where my secret stash was held. There where thousands upon thousands of books. It was beautiful. Then I had a couch with a recliner. I loved that recliner to the death of me. I mean it was a pretty ugly chair but in my eyes I saw was my father’s beloved chair. How when I was about three I used to climb all over it. Sit there with my father. Ha I remember one day when I was in Preschool and I came home early one afternoon. I ran through the door to see my father surprised to see me and hold his arms out. I ran as fast as my little pudgy legs could carry me. Then he hugged me and threw me in the air as high as he could and catch me. I loved it.
Hallie, “So Louis what do you think?”
Louis, “Is this all the books you have?”
 But he was still at the entrance he hadn’t made it to the staircase yet.
Hallie, “Louis come here to the staircase and tell me ehat you see?”
Louis, “Ok”
Hallie, “well tell me?”
Louis, “whoa how many books is that total?”
Hallie, “I don’t know I’ve only read the first three columns of them.”
Louis, “Only three?”
Hallie, “Yeah only. I’m working on the fourth one because of my enjoyment and the Niall issue.”
Louis, “Hallie that’s amazing for how long have you been reading them?”
Hallie, “Since I was about fourteen.”
Louis, “Wow”
Hallie: Yeah ok what book do you want to read?
Louis: well where do I start?
Hallie: Um.. How about spell books? They are the easiest. I think so anyways.
Louis: Ok sounds good so can I take just anyone?
Hallie: No what are you looking for stuff with flowers, animal, people, umm..oohh how about the ones that have to do with bending metals or turning people into things you can think of?
Louis: How about we take it to the one where you tell me you love me?
Hallie: Wait what?
Louis: Nevermind I’m sorry I shouldn’t have said that um… what was it I wanted how about the potions instead?
Hallie: No tell me what you just said please Lou?
Louis: No never mind now how about some of the potions like love potion ones?
Hallie: Lou no tell me. Stop trying to change the subject!
Louis: No I’m not going to tell you
 Louis P.O.V.
Wow did I just ask her to tell me that she loves me. Why would I say that? Wait, Oh my god I’m in love with her wow. I’m in love with my friends girlfriend that’s a great thing you did there Louie. That’s just great. Well thank god I know how to out up walls to keep her out of my head because I can feel her trying to get into my brain it’s not that easy little Hallie. My dear you have a lot to learn.
 Hallie’s P.O.V.
Wow this day just keeps getting weirder and weirder. At first it was Harry whom I’m currently mad at. Then it was what happened to Niall and Haley. Now it’s Louis asking me to tell him that I love him like what’s wrong with him. I mean I like him just not love him. I mean I’m not dating harry or Niall. So if Louie wasn’t dating Eleanor then there would be no problem right but what about her? Maybe he just needs a little push to break up with her so. Should I give him that little push? 

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