Somewhere in the light I'll find you!

This is the time where sixteen yoer old Hallie Johnson finds out her family is in great danger because of most deepest darkest secret identity. Her whole world will turn upside down from a heavenous wonderland to a place full of hatred called HELL! She finds herself meeting a few people along the way that will help her in the end or will they turn against her? Her life has fallen apart her real mother and father died in a car accident when she was 13 so she was put in a foster home where the people end up adopting her. Life has been horrible for her and her sister. Only if they knew her secret. Hidden from the people she loved until now. Could this love kill her, or how about her identity?


9. What did I do ?

~~Niall’s P.O.V.
 I look around and all I see is darkness I am wondering what I had done all I can remember is Hallie and how mad I am at her and Liam. Liam knew how I felt about her but most importantly how could he do this to Sophia. She was meant for him and he was meant for her that’s how it works. But Louis did say the future always changes by someone’s personal decision. I knew it was time to wake up and face my fears. What had I done to have blacked out on someone?
My eyes are now open I look around and see that I am in Hallie’s room. I wonder how I get here who had brought me here. All my memories came flooding back to me it actually hurt just a little bit. Then I look over and see Hallie standing in the door way. She must have changed into a new pair of clothes since the…. I changed my thought I felt really bad about what I did to her and her friend. I don’t even remember her name and I can’t believe I had feed from a human.
Niall: “Hallie I’m really…”
 She had cut me off
Hallie: “How could you! You don’t feed on humans! Not here and not now. Not in this dimension! Only certain people from the moyum know about us. And other people that you have told all the people that I associate with is my friends they are my PROTECTORS!!!!! HALEY WAS MY PROTECTOR!!!! From now on you treat her with respect and loyalty if you don’t then you are no longer welcome here and you can leave.
Niall: “Ok I understand I will do anything you ask to make up for what I have done.”
Hallie: “Dang right you will, but you don’t have to make up to me you have some making up to do with Haley even though she doesn’t know you.”
Niall: “I am sorry matter to fact it wasn’t even my idea for me to feed on someone.”
Hallie: “What do you mean it wasn’t your idea to feed on someone who old you to do?”
Niall: “I have said to much I can’t say who because they would never trust me again and I’m sure that you don’t know who they are.”
  I am sure that if I told her it was Harry she would be mad at him and I am sure that he has a better chance than I do with her so. I had decided to lie to her than tell her.
Hallie: “Niall look I’m not mad at you but you have to understand with everything that has happened in my life right now that just wasn’t a smart thing to do.Ok?”
Niall: “I know and I’m sorry. How many times do I have to say I’m sorry?”
Hallie: “One million times haha.”
Niall: “Well if I have to I will. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m sorry…”
 She had cut me off
Hallie: “I was kidding goofy.”
Harry’s P.O.V.           I had to tell her. And I had to tell her now what I had done. I felt really bad that I had started to think it was my fault that Niall had feed on Haley. I had told him to go out and feed on something or someone just not Hallie’s family. I felt guilty but yet happy in a way that I didn’t understand why it had to of been me who said it. Why couldn’t it of been Louis, or Zayn who had told him to go out and feed on something. So then they could have the blame. She doesn’t deserve me as a friend. I just couldn’t bring myself to forgive myself for hurting her friend and I couldn’t bring myself to telling her it was me who said it. What should I do?

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