Somewhere in the light I'll find you!

This is the time where sixteen yoer old Hallie Johnson finds out her family is in great danger because of most deepest darkest secret identity. Her whole world will turn upside down from a heavenous wonderland to a place full of hatred called HELL! She finds herself meeting a few people along the way that will help her in the end or will they turn against her? Her life has fallen apart her real mother and father died in a car accident when she was 13 so she was put in a foster home where the people end up adopting her. Life has been horrible for her and her sister. Only if they knew her secret. Hidden from the people she loved until now. Could this love kill her, or how about her identity?


10. The midnight torture

~~Hallie’s P.O.V.
Haley was still passed out in Jeremy’s room. I can’t wait for her to wake up. I wanted to know how she found me, Why she was here, and does anyone else know? It was thirty minutes till midnight and I assumed all of us would be in my room tonight so I had to get ready. I had shut and locked my door. I also put a new sign up that said come back at midnight thirty minutes till. So I had thirty minutes to get dressed in comfy clothes, get food and drinks, and make a comfy spot for all of us to lie on while I tell my whole life story.
I had dressed in a purple pair of pink sweatpants and a purple tank top. I had taken all my fluffy pillows that were red, blue, green, purple, orange, pink, and yellow and set them in a circle on the floor. I took five blankets and put them next to the pillows. I ran down the steps and into the kitchen. I grabbed three large bowls and put Doritos, Cheetos, and Peach Rings. I had also grabbed the bottle of Spirit and Coca cola and six plastic cups. I had to run back all the steps and set them all down. I had five minutes left. I open up the door and took the sign down. I had saw Harry, and Niall walking up the attic steps to lie down. I had walked right out of the room to the bathroom to take off my make-up and put my freshly straighten hair up in a pony-tail. I had thought I looked pretty good. I had checked my phone for the time and I had two minutes to get back to my room.
As I speed walked back to my room and Harry and Niall looked amazed at what I had done so far. I walked over to a box that I had and there where Christmas lights. I hung them from the ceiling to the table, the bottom of my bed, the lamp, and the end of Rebbeccas bed. They looked in awe as if it was the most beautiful thing they had never seen a room look like this before. It really did look great I never have made my room look good before I was never a loud to hang things up but since they won’t be home and Its only for a few hours so it wouldn’t hurt anybody.
Hallie: “Niall, Harry you’re tongues are hanging out and your both drooling.”
Niall: “No we aren’t It’s just the room looks so nice. I mean its looks nice any other day but tonight it just looks great!”
Harry: “I have no words for this room.”
Hallie: “Do you guys have the time? I left my phone in the bathroom I think?”
Harry: “Yeah Its midnight they should be arriving any minute now.”
 Knock, Knock
Hallie: “Who is it?”
Zayn: “Zayn, Louis, and Liam.”
Liam: “Hey why do I have to be last?”
Zayn: “Fine Zayn, Liam, and Louis.”
Louis: “Why did you make me last now? Huh that’s not fair you should be last since you’re the one talking to her.”
Zayn: ‘You know what shut up both of you!”
 I ran to open up the door before they started to get in each other’s faces.
Hallie: “Welcome to my room.”
Zayn: “Ugh….”
Louis: “Ohhh”
Harry: “Awww”
Liam: “Ok your room didn’t look like this when I came I here earlier but if it did I’m really sorry I didn’t say something earlier.”
Hallie: “Liam that’s because it didn’t.”
Liam: “oh well it looks nice this way before it sort of looked a little drab you know plan.”
Hallie: “Yeah I know.”
Hallie: “well come on in I don’t bite.”
Niall: “Yes you do matter of fact really hard!”
Hallie: “You bit my friend what do you expect me to do your lucky I didn’t ripe your face off.”
 Niall looked at harry and gave an expression that said what did I say wrong?
Harry: “You’re the one that started it not me!”
 I had some enjoyment in this.
Liam: “ok let’s begin this whatever you want to call it a gathering is that it?”
Hallie: “Yes that’s what you want to call it and I apologize in advance I might cry in between parts.”
Harry: “It’s ok we don’t mind.”
Hallie: “Ok any questions before I begin?”
Niall: “Yeah, did you bring any food up here with you by chance?”
Hallie: “I knew you would say that and yes I did there are doritos, Cheetos, and peach rings in the bowls over there and there is some spirit and coca cola there also.”
Niall: “Thanks I think?”
Hallie: “OK well I’ll tell you about the main facts first and we’ll go around the circle is that ok?”
 They all nodded in approval.
Hallie: “Ok well as you all know my name is Hallie Anne Johnson. My favorite color is purple. I like dogs, cats, and horses. My favorite show is Reign and Vampire Diaries. I like to swim and draw on my free time but I don’t get a lot of that as you all know and Rebbecca is my younger sister and we are blood related but she is not a princess because we have different dads.”
Harry: “My full name is Harry Edward Styles. My favorite color is blue and orange. My favorite animal is a cat! I have a sister Gemma and I don’t really want to say anything else.”
Niall: “I am Niall James Horan. My favorite color is green. I like dogs and I have an older brother Gregg who is married and has a kid my nephew.”
Louis: “I have two younger sisters and two more on the way. My favorite vegetable is a CARROT and I like to dance even if people think I’m weird.”
Liam: “I am an only child. I have one kidney so I am not a loud to drink so if you go somewhere you know I am the designated driver. I don’t really like to talk about myself very much.”
Zayn: “I have two sisters. I am a Muslim not Indian! Just to get that out. Um… I am a mysterious man and don’t want to share anything else.”
Hallie: “Ok well as you all know I am queen of all kind. Do not call me that! Ok here we go.”
 I was born November 25, 1996. I had gone to kindergarten at Kingdercharm School in Minnesota. Later on I had gone to Colorado and began second grade at Fifferfif School. That’s where I had met a girl named Tina Daewoo she was Indian. She was my first best friend that I had always had until I had moved again in fifth grade. I had always been moving because people where always trying to hurt me and my family or anyone I cared about so we moved constantly. I then had moved to Nevada that’s where I had met Corrin we stayed there until I was eleven. Corrin had died that year because of me. You see I had went to Casper middle then so when we had just started sixth grade a man in are school had brought in a gun. He demanded for me to stand up in the classroom and tell everyone in the class over the loud speaker what I was and why I had come to this dimension. I refused to. So I pulled out the gun that he had in his pocket and tried to shot me so when the gun fired I didn’t get hit I saw my best friend lie bleeding to death on the floor. She jumped in front of me when he fired the bullet went straight through her heart and just grazed my arm.
 Everyone dies because of me. So when I tell you to back off I mean it. Ok back to my story a year later when we moved to Transylvania. That’s where I met Haley in sixth grade. She has been there for me ever since. I had also met Hannah there. She is my best friend to. These people mean the world to me. So Niall you understand why when you had bit Haley I was outraged and I wanted to protect her. That same year a few days before my birthday my grandparents had died. That same day I met Jacob, Mason, and a few other people. Who later on became my protectors along with Haley, and Hannah.
 The week after I was having a lazy day and stayed home. So that night I could go to the mall with Haley. When on are way to the super market my parents, Rebbecca, and I where all in the car when someone had jumped in front of the car. Now keep in mind my parents were vampires. Not what we are. I don’t know how I turned out who I am or how it happened. My dad slammed on the brakes to see if he had hit the person and when he got out no one was there. It was as if that person that had been there just disappeared. Then he came out of nowhere….
 I choked I couldn’t.
Harry: “Hallie you don’t have to tell us the rest we would fine just knowing this you know?”
Hallie: “No I need to tell you so you all understand.”
Liam: “Just take a deep breath and exhale.”
Hallie: “Ok here we go again.”
 The man had come out from know where.
I started to cry.
 He stabbed my father though the heart and then had killed my mother. I had used my invisibility power to shield me and my sister from that man I still think he is after me and my sister but I won’t ever know.
 After that had happened to me and my sister was un forgivable. We had been split up in the fostering program they had wanted her but not me. I was thirteen when this had all happened with the fostering families. They had placed me all the way in Organ and my sister got to go to California. I had been to ten different foster families. I had ran away from four of them because the father had either tried to or had beat and sometimes it wasn’t the father. It was the mother or their son and sometimes the people in the school would pick on me.
 Then Karla took me in. I had loved it here when I first came here. Jeremy was really nice to me and Karla acted like she cared. When they told me they wanted to adopt me I couldn’t refuse the offer. The best news they ever gave me was when thy said they found my sister and were going to adopt her to so we could be together once again. You have to understand that I hated being in the system and I always will be but I’ve been here since I was fourteen. I had been in a ten foster homes in one year.
 I never like any other home besides my mom and dads. But then when the checks started to come in for me the they stopped caring. Jeremy tried to rape me, Karla showed her true colors and now hates me, Steve well he’s always treated me the same. He is the only one who actually does care just he’s never home. Rebbecca and I are inseparable now because Jeremy just pushes her buttons and I can’t run from here. Because It’s all forest and I don’t know the main road and I don’t get any cell service besides here so I wouldn’t know.
 I then had begun school here. The people treated me fairly. I had a few friends but not many. I didn’t really like many people. Then I had gotten a boyfriend and in this house hold is like you broke the law. His name was Dustin Lopez. He was adopted to but we split after Karla had pulled me out of school. Then she had homed schooled me and now I barely get to go out, or even learn I mean I’m smart just not as everyone else. I am no longer aloud to listen, hear, or sing to music. The last band I remember that I liked was Chris Brown’s with you song. That song was a little while ago. So now you know why when you guys first came here I didn’t know who you were. Matter to fact if you were to ask me half the bands you know I probably wouldn’t know. I don’t have any contact with the outside world besides my phone and that’s how I talk to Haley and Hannah and everyone else I know.”
Hallie: “Ok so that’s my story umm … I did for worn you that I would cry but I apologize anyways. Ugh Niall since you the closes to my bed can you pass me a tissue?”
Niall: “Yeah sure where are they?”
Hallie:” They are in the brown night stand middle drawer.”
Niall: “Here ya go.”
 They pasted it down the line until the box got to me.
Hallie: “Thank you.”
One Direction: “You’re welcome.”
Hallie: “I’m going to go check on Haley and when I come back you guys can tell me you stories if you want.”
Louis: “Ok well do you want any of us to come with you?”
Hallie: “I should be fine but just in case Liam come with me.”
Liam: “Ok yeah just give me a minute I want to get a drink first.”
Hallie: “Well I’ll meet you there?”
Liam: “Ok yeah that’s cool.”


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