Somewhere in the light I'll find you!

This is the time where sixteen yoer old Hallie Johnson finds out her family is in great danger because of most deepest darkest secret identity. Her whole world will turn upside down from a heavenous wonderland to a place full of hatred called HELL! She finds herself meeting a few people along the way that will help her in the end or will they turn against her? Her life has fallen apart her real mother and father died in a car accident when she was 13 so she was put in a foster home where the people end up adopting her. Life has been horrible for her and her sister. Only if they knew her secret. Hidden from the people she loved until now. Could this love kill her, or how about her identity?


11. The brother stricks again

~~Liam’s P.O.V.
I can’t believe he would do that to her. Especially since all she has been through. Her story has a lot of bad times and not a lot of good has been showed to her. I wonder if we asked her to leave with us if she would. Could she leave behind her sister or would she come with us to? Jeremy is a sick man how could he do this and not hate himself for what he’s done. He’s lucky I don’t take his face and smash it into a million pieces. He doesn’t deserve to live and get away with it. A woman is not property to anyone but herself. Hallie should have run away from this place with her sister. She’s like a maid in a mansion all by her lonesome left to clean with no pay. That’s sad does anyone in this family have a heart? I know understand why Jeremy and Hallie hate each other.
 I start to walk towards Louis room and I hear Hallie scream. “Get off of me you creep!”
I ran and I see Jeremy on top of Hallie.
Jeremy: “I knew you were different but not as a totally new species. You’re lucky I decided to spare you this one time. I could just use you again like I did the last time. But I think you’d enjoy that too much wouldn’t you?
Hallie: “I never do get off of me!”
Liam: “What are you doing to her? Get off of her now!”
Jeremy: “Oh yeah and what are you goin to do if I don’t. I know you want her to. We could share her I mean just look her. She’s a beautiful girl I can understand why you like her but in my understanding don’t you have a girl friend?”
Liam: “I don’t like her I’m her friend and if you don’t get off of her I’ll rip you off of her and tear you to shreds!”
Jeremy: “Fine.”
 He got off her and she had bolted to Louis room. Jeremy ran at full human speed. He stopped and tried to kick me in the face. I caught his foot and flipped him backwards like it I was lifting a pillow and throwing it. He got back up and tried to punch. He failed again I had blocked his punch and kneed him in the side. I had grabbed his arms and pinned him to the ground.
Liam: “You know that wasn’t too smart of you to do.”
Jeremy: “Well what are you going to do to me know?”
Liam: “You’ll leave Hallie alone forever and if I hear otherwise I’ll kill you literally with my bare hands.”
Jeremy: “Well as long as I live you can have her I don’t want to die not today or another day of this week so I’ll be going now once you get off of me?”
Liam: “OH, I’m not finished with you yet.”
 I have never seen anyone so scared before it looked like he was about to wet his pants. Too bad he didn’t know that all I was going to do was compel him to leave her alone and to forget what just happened but I thought I should play with him some more. I hear Hallie in the back ground crying and laughing because she never seen him be so afraid. I looked him straight in the eyes and said:
Liam: “You shall never touch, look at, or even think about Hallie. If you should see her sister in the hall say hi to her and be nice if you think about hurting her don’t instead be the older brother she has always wanted. Be kind, caring, and protective of her and Hallie. If you mother shall make her cry you make your mother cry! Got it?”
Jeremy: “I should never touch, look at, or even think about Hallie. If I should see her sister in hall I should say hi to her and be nice. If I think about hurting her don’t instead be the older brother she has always wanted. Be kind, caring, and protective of her and Hallie. If my mother shall make her cry I should make her cry! I understand.”
 I looked away and got off him. It seemed as if it was too easy to compel him.

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