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This is the time where sixteen yoer old Hallie Johnson finds out her family is in great danger because of most deepest darkest secret identity. Her whole world will turn upside down from a heavenous wonderland to a place full of hatred called HELL! She finds herself meeting a few people along the way that will help her in the end or will they turn against her? Her life has fallen apart her real mother and father died in a car accident when she was 13 so she was put in a foster home where the people end up adopting her. Life has been horrible for her and her sister. Only if they knew her secret. Hidden from the people she loved until now. Could this love kill her, or how about her identity?


16. Do you realy mean that?

~~ A long chappy for my Lovelies lol hope you guys like it and I'm sorry if it was a boring chapter I'll try harder next time XOXO

Louis: “Can I just look around a little bit?”
Hallie: “Um… yeah sure but I’m going to go upstairs so the door will be shut.”
Louis: “Ok”
 She walked up the stairs and I finally had some time to think. What was I going to do about Hallie? I already know that she isn’t going to end up with me but there is always that possibility. I could change her mind about me. Make her think of me as more than a friend. That wouldn’t be fair though so I decided against that option. I wanted her to be mine in the end and I would do anything possible. I needed her in one way or another. What about my sweet Ellie? Oh my dear sweet Ellie. She really does mean the world to me but somewhere in the long run I don’t think we are the forever couple that everyone thinks. I mean I like Carrots and she likes something other than carrots. I also have been having this feeling that she’s been cheating on me. She doesn’t call me as much anymore and she leaves me on seen a lot. Just we don’t make the time for each other anymore. I’m sorry to say but my dear Ellie we might have too split up.
Hallie’s P.O.V.
I walked up the stairs leaving Louis to do as he pleased. I wasn’t sure what was going on so I decided to talk to Liam. So I walked down the hall into Jeremy’s room.
Hallie: “Hey Liam.”
Liam: “Whazzzz up love??”
Hallie: “chuckles” “Can I talk to you for a sec?”
Liam: “Yeah sure what about?”
Zayn: “I’ll just leave.”
Hallie: “Harry’s in my room can you talk to him for a little?”
Zayn: “Yeah.” “We both should go Niall.”
Niall: “Ugh but I don’t wanna!”
 I walked over to him and sat down on the part of the bed as niall still lay there. I gave him my best puppy dog face. My eyes got all teary, lip bent down, and stared straight at him.
Hallie: “Please Ni.” “I just want to talk to Li for a little and then you and me can hang out later.”
Niall: “Okay fine but you have to tell me what you told Liam.”
Hallie: “alright.”
 It was as if he knew I wouldn’t tell him the real thing because I didn’t think he should know. Niall was a good friend to have around but when it came to me. He was a little over bearing and I knew he had feelings for me so he could try something at any moment. Niall walked out the door and I automatically started to tell Liam everything.
Liam: “Wait so what happened?”
Hallie: “You know how Louis went down to the bookcase with me? After the whole Niall, Haley thing?”
Liam: “Yeah?”
Hallie: “Well I started to talk about all the books and Louis asked me to tell him that I loved him and when I said wait what? He didn’t repeat it and he didn’t want to.”
Harry’s P.O.V.
When Zayn and Niall came into the room I figured it was so Liam and Hallie could talk. But when I heard her say that Louis asked her to say she loved him it made my blood broil. Lou was my best friend. He knew everything about me and I mean everything. He knew how I felt about Hallie and he went and did this. I mean I understand why she didn’t want me to hear this but what I heard next I couldn’t bear.
Hallie’s P.O.V.
Liam: “wait he did what?!”
 He was angry.
Hallie: “I don’t know what to do!”
Liam: “Well there are only two options.”
 I nodded.
Liam: “Now this may come out very blunt but How do you feel about Louis?”
 I started to panic I knew how I felt but I don’t want anyone else to know about it. If that’s the last resort thought then I’ll do it. My palms became very sweaty.
Hallie: “What do you mean?”
Liam: “Do you really like Louis?”
Hallie: “I…III I don’t know.”
Harry’s P.O.V.
My mind was completely blown. I knew then that I should move away from the door. I wanted to beat him to a bloody pulp! Louis already had a girlfriend of 6 years! For him to make this move was really low. But Louis being Louis I couldn’t believe that he had said that!
I whispered, “I’m going to kill that man!”
I ran all the way to the steps of the attic. Once inside Hallie’s room I grabbed the remote for the bookcase and opened it. I ran all the way two flights of steps to Louis.
Harry: “Louis!”
Louis: “Whoa! Calm down mate before you hurt someone what happened?”
Harry: “YOU!” 
My voiced boomed throughout the empty library.
Hallie’s P.O.V
Hallie: “I…IIII I don’t know.”
 I looked down at the floor. I felt disappointed I myself. I always knew what I needed or what I wanted, whether I could have it or not.
 Liam: “What do you mean you don’t know?”
Hallie: “I JUST DON’T!”
Liam: “It’s a simple yes or no question do you like him as more than a friend? Could you possibly love Louis Tomlinson?”
Hallie: “Possibly.”
Liam: “Well why it is possibly?”
Hallie: “Because.”
Liam: “I am not playing that game with you. Just tell me so I can help you and all my other friends.”
Hallie: “It’s a possibly because I like two other people.”
Liam: “Well who are they?”
 His eyebrows kept going up and down which he knew made me smile.
Hallie: “Niall.”
Liam: “And?????”
Hallie: “Who do you think?”
Liam: “Well could it be Zayn?”
Hallie: “Why do you think it’s Zayn I hardly ever talk to him.”
Liam: “I don’t know it could be one of those silent love hate relationships.
Hallie: “Wrong answer.”
Liam: “So it must be me then because I’m impeccably gorgeous and funny. Haha.”
Hallie: “You wish Payne! Wrong AGAIN!”
Liam: “Well then that just leaves Mr. Harry Edward Styles.”
Hallie: “Ding ding ding we have a winner. Haha. You finally got it!”
Liam: “Well Hallie they are both great guys. Take it from me I have to share almost everything with them on the tour bus.”
 I laughed. Liam somehow always had been able to make me laugh from the first day I met him.
Hallie: “Well the hard part is which one do I chose?”
Louis P.O.V.
Harry comes down the stairs and starts to scream at me. I have no idea what’s going on and yet he just thinks I can read his mind! That’s not my specialty!
Harry: “You’re the PROBLEM Louis Tomlinson!”
Louis: “What did I do to you?”
Harry: “You LOVE HALLIE!!!”
Louis: “What…. are you talking about?”
Harry: “You told her to tell you she loved you!”
 That’s when I became nervous I had no idea what to say to this. I knew I never should have said it to her but I don’t know if I should just lie to harry. He’s one of my best friends. He’d understand right? He understands how beautiful and caring and nice she is. Ugh Louis this isn’t the time to be thinking about her!
Louis: “I can’t believe you!”
Harry: “You can’t believe me!! Well I can’t believe you!! You went and did that to a girl I liked and you have a girlfriend! Remember her? Eleanor?”
Louis: “I know who my girlfriend is Harold! I just I never expected you to jump down my throat about it! After all you were the one that slept with her!”
Harry: “I have no idea what our talking about! You went and knowingly knew that I have feelings for Hallie! Of all the people in the world it was YOU!!’
Hallie’s P.O.V.
I said, “Which one do I chose?”
As soon as Liam started to speak Niall and Zayn came bombarding into my room.
Niall and Zayn: “Hallie!!!”
Hallie: “What?? What wrong? What happened? Is Haley okay?”
Niall: “Haley’s fine she’s asleep in Karla’s room downstairs. Louis and Harry are gonna get into a fight!”
Hallie: “Get the hell out of my way!”
I darted all the way, up the attic steps and down the bookcase stairs.
Harry: “You of all people knew I had feelings for Hallie and you tried to ruin it! That’s real mature of you Louis!”
I couldn’t believe my ears. Liam was coming down the stairs also. Along with Zayn and Niall. I thought I was going crazy.
I walked between Lou and Harry.
Hallie: “You… What?”
Harry: “Hallie? You… You….”
Louis: “What all did you hear?”
Hallie: “Would you two stop yelling at each other please. You guys are scaring me.”
Louis and Harry: “I’m Sorry”
  They both tried to hug me but I just backed up. They were the ones who should be hugging. It was all about me and I felt horrible. I never wanted to tear them apart. They were best friends.
Hallie: “Don’t.”
Louis: “You know what Harry I’m sorry for you.”
Harry: “Why are you sorry for me?”
Louis: “Because you’re stuck with a lying, evil, whore who should have died wither parents for a first love.”
Hallie: “You don’t mean that.”
 Harry just walked away. I knew he couldn’t take it anymore and I felt horrible as it is and now this.
Hallie: “Do you?”
Louis: “I do. Unfortunate for you all I wanted to do was use you. That’s why I’ve been trying to mess with your head.”
 After that Louis walked away I couldn’t help but fall to my knees and cry. It was one thing to have been called a whore but to be told I should die is another. I laid there and cried until Niall came over and hugged me on the floor. I turned around and cuddled into his chest. He always gave the best of hugs. Liam said that he and Zayn were gonna go upstairs and see if harry was okay and if I wanted anything to let him know.
Liam P.O.V.
Louis is a piece of crap, especially since he said that Hallie should have died. She is the greatest person I know. What he said really hurt her. Honestly it was like a slap in the face because of everything that she told us. Her whole life story was put out there tonight and he went and said those things to her. I should punch him in the face! He just has no idea what it’s like to lost someone you truly love. When Louis grew up he had a foster family. His family wasn’t really his own. He was adopted at age 1. His mother and father had adopted him because his mother thought she couldn’t have children, until she had two twin girls. Then another set of twin boys. He had to fake his death at 21. Although he still had watched them grow up but from afar, it had taken a toll on him.  Once they pasted away Louis became kind of resentful of people for their families, or people that still had feelings towards them. Then he had then met me and later on we met the rest of the five one direction boys. Though what he said to Hallie was unacceptable. So I decided to talk to him about it.
Louis P.O.V.
The last thing I knew was Harry claiming his feelings towards Hallie. I was angry and sad and hurt. I had so many things to do and yet so many things to say to him. Then Hallie comes down the steps and I tell her that she should have died with her parents?! How could I say that to her! What’s wrong with me? Harry just had me upset and so did she. She told them about what I did. She shouldn’t have said anything to him! I mean I know what I said was wrong but of all people to tell she told Harry! My best friend! Who has feelings for her to! I understand that I should be a good friend and back off because Harry said he liked her first but I couldn’t help myself. I felt horrible when I said that to her though she didn’t deserve that but once she started to cry I just walked away, I couldn’t take my anger out on her anymore. I would have hit someone, even her if she was in the way of my rage. I snap out of my thoughts when there is a knock on the door. I thought it was Harry trying for a second round and told him to go away, but to my surprise it was Haley and Liam.
Niall’s P.O.V.
When Hallie fell to the ground I felt horrible. I saw her heart break before my own eyes. She broke down and started to cry I could help my urge to hug her I just couldn’t. She needed someone and that someone was me. I would do anything for her. If she needed a shoulder to cry on I would be the one to offer it.
Niall: “Hallie its okay to cry. Let it all out.” I rubbed her back and tried to soothe her. I then lead her to the couch where we just laid there in each other’s arms until she finally stopped crying.
Hallie: “Ni?”
Niall: “Yeah love?”
Hallie: “Thank you.”
Niall: “For what?”
 She looked up at me. Her lips and eyes were all puffy and her eyes were a pinkish purple color.
Hallie: “For being there for me.”
Niall: “Anytime.”
 She laid her head back down on my chest and smiled. That’s when I knew she would be mine.
Liam’s P.O.V.
I had walked all the way down the corridor to see Haley walking up the steps.
Liam: “Haley you’re finally awake.”
Haley: “Yeah…. I thought I heard yelling so I came to check it out.”
Liam: “Oh well there was a fight between Harry and Louis.”
Haley: “Whoa. Well where’s Hallie in all this mess?”
Liam: *sighs* “She’s… with Niall… in the bookcase… crying…because of …Louis.”
Haley: “what did he do to make her cry?”
Liam: “Long story.”
Haley: “Tell me this involves my best friend that’s CRYING I need t know what’s going on in her life.” “What did he say to make her cry? I know from experience that it’s hard to make her cry.”
Liam: “Well he told her to tell him she loved him first and then somehow Harry found out, they fought, Hallie got into the middle, Louis told harry that she was a whore and deserved to die like her parents. She started to cry and I came up after making sure she wasn’t alone to talk to Louis about what’s going on.”
Haley: “Oh my god! WTF is wrong with him?! That is one subject that is raw. It’s like putting a strip of duck-tape on a cute little puppy and ripping it off and laughing when they whimper.”
Liam: * sighs again*“I know.”
Haley: “Can I come with you?”
Liam: “Um….”
Haley: “I just want to explain to him why this is an important subject.”
Liam: “I guess.”
 And so we walked down the hall to Lou’s door. I knocked. He said go the H away. I said it’s just Liam open the dang door! He opened the door and looked very depressed. I still didn’t understand why he had said that to Hallie. She never even did anything wrong.
Louis: “What!” he snapped.
Liam: “Calm down Lou I just came to talk. I don’t want to yell I just need to understand what’s going on?”
Louis: “Well do you want the long version or the short version.”
Haley: “All details included?”
Louis: “Sure.” “Why not?” He was being sarcastic.
Liam: “Long version, from today to now.”
Louis: “Well come in and take a seat.”
Haley: “Well this room is just quite cozy isn’t it?”
Louis: “Shut up you had been in here for more than two days, I never got the chance to pick up since and when I came in here I kind of destroyed a few things.”
Haley: “I can see that!”
Liam: “Well start talking cause you hurt my best friend!”
Louis: “Okay well I ate breakfast and then I ate lunch…
 Haley cut him off.
Haley: “I never was your friend in the first place you narc!”
Louis: “Did you just call me a narc?”
Haley: “I did!”
Liam: “Haley get out.”
Haley: “No.”
Liam: “If you don’t get out I’ll remove you myself. Get out!”
Haley: “Fine! I’m going to check on Harry and see how he’s holding up.”
Liam: “Okay you do that. Good luck with that!”
 She walked out the door.
Louis: “I will tell you now.”
Liam: “I figured it was because of her.”
Louis: “I don’t like her. She seems up to something I mean think about it. She hasn’t talked to Hallie in years but yet she shows up at her door step just a few days ago?”
Liam: “One conspiracy theory at a time Lou. We are talking about you right now. And stop trying to change the subject. You know you can trust me.”
Louis: “Well the other day when we came here I just was spending so much time for people to try and figure her out. So I looked into her head and I just…. I can’t get her out of my head. She knows what it’s like to love someone or something so much and have it taken away. I mean I know more about her than anyone in this house. Even she doesn’t know as much as I do and I like her. I don’t want to be with Ellie anymore. I want her and I want her to feel the same way about me! But the way she looks at harry when I was in that fit of rage I just…. I thought it and it came out of my mouth and I ..IIII I couldn’t stop myself from it. Once she cried I was so mad at myself I just couldn’t take it anymore. I know that even if she would become mine she wouldn’t fully be mine.”
Liam: “What do you mean she wouldn’t fully be yours?”
Louis: “She has a piece of her to all of us and her friends.”
Liam: “Well that’s to be expected Louis.”
Louis: “I can’t do that to her, to take her away and still know that she has a piece of her to harry or Niall or Zayn or even you; Liam.  I mean she is a great girl and I feel horrible and I’m sorry.”
Liam: “I understand.”
Louis: “No you don’t truly understand you have no idea! Harry probably hates me now and frankly I’m really just confused about what to do!”
Liam: “Well first thing I thought you said that you and Ellie were meant to be I thought you said that you saw yourself in her future! Literally.”
Louis: “Liam the future can change due to someone’s personal decisions.” *sighs* “You of all people should know that.”
Liam: “I know.”
Louis: “I.. I think she cheated.”
Liam: “What?! With who?”
Louis: “Harry when we were in London last before we left.”
Liam: “Lou I understand you think it was Harry but do you really have any proof? You shouldn’t make accusations like that.”
Louis: “Well I don’t have proof but it’s too late to not make accusation. I really said something to him when we were fighting and he blew off the question like it was nothing and just kept saying about Hallie.”
Liam: “It’s okay Lou. I personally think you should talk to Ellie. When was the last time you guys talked?”
Louis: “I don’t know she hasn’t called me back in a while.”
Liam: “Well try from my phone.”
Louis: “Okay.”
Liam : “I’ll leave but when you’re done please give it  back.”
Louis: “Of course.”
 Like the wind I left. (haha like the wind lol)

         Well hope you enjoyed I finally updated I'm so sorry it took forever and I'll try harder for updates. I'm also writing a new book called The Crazy Ex Boyfriend. I would like you guys to read that thankx.

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