Not like the Other girls

Delilah is a normal teenage girl who keeps to herself when Justin Bieber is sent to her school she has to look after him. How will a book worm get on with a superstar.


5. The Tour

( Please comment your views it would me much appreciated. I don't know that much about Justin Bieber so sorry in advance if I get a fact or something wrong just making him a new person with his name you get me. So yeah please give me some feedback so I know if I am doing anything right haha.)

Delilah's POV 

I was really surprised at how awkward Justin was he must have done this sort of thing a million times. Maybe not with girls like me but he still should be used to it. I decided I would take him on a tour but I didn't have a car so we would just have to walk. 

"So where are we going" he said once we walked out the door. " All my favourite places" I said " First we will go to the mall and get food because I am starving." I was worried about people seeing me with Justin. I don't know why but girls are vicious and I had made myself invisible for that very reason. If your the spotlight you get too many things thrown your way. I learned that the hard way. I was happy with my life now I hated being popular you were never good enough, always judged. I was forgotten about  soon after I snuck into the background. My old friends wouldn't be able to point me out anymore. I liked my friends, I liked being able to read and do well in school without it being a big deal. I didn't want to be judged anymore I don't want to be judged now.

It was a short walk to the mall from my house I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time. " This is the mall" he said pointing at our very own mall. " Small towns get small malls" I said annoyed that our town wasn't big enough for his superstar ego. " It's cute" he said sensing my unhappy tone. " You will have to keep your head low we will go to the bit where nobody else goes until later when most people go home." I said more for my safety than mine. "You don't have to worry about me" he said "just go where you would normally go and do what you would normally do" "That is what I would normally do" I said.

We hung around  the back of the mall where the book store was and a cool t-shirt shop. The book shop had a cafe type thing where we got milkshakes. "This milkshake is heaven" he said. "I know" I say "I come here nearly every day, it's my most favourite place on earth, I can read and buy books that's all I really ask for." "Well why don't you recommend a book for me." he said. I was so surprised why was he being so nice all of a sudden.  I picked out the hunger games because everyone needs to read it at least once and it was my favourite book. We just sat and read, it was nice and surprisingly easy. We must have sat for hours since when I checked the clock it was dinner time. " Shoot" I said " end of tour sorry. We have to get back." He nodded his head and we started walking back the mall was practically deserted so we went out the front doors. "Oh before I forget I have this thing tomorrow that I guess I will have to take you too.Try to look like a normal girl for once can't have you embarrassing me." Did he realise what he was saying? Like a normal girl what exactly does a normal girl look like? I didn't say a word just stormed inside. I would look "normal" I would prove him wrong.

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