Not like the Other girls

Delilah is a normal teenage girl who keeps to herself when Justin Bieber is sent to her school she has to look after him. How will a book worm get on with a superstar.


12. The Song

Taylor sat in the middle of the stage with a  guitar Justin just next to her with a guitar of his own. Was I hearing right or was that today was a fairytale  they were playing. Is this not a love song or was he just meaning that we were having a good time. That would be it we as friends were having a good time. There was no way that Justin Bieber could be saying anything else.    I didn't like the way my heart raced when I heard the song or how it sunk when I realised it couldn't be because he liked me in any other way than friends. I couldn't be falling for him I would just be embarrassing myself acting like a little girl falling for the big star. But still I couldn't help but watch how beautiful he looked when he strummed the guitar or look at his smile. Everything about him was perfect to me but that was probably because he was near perfect anyway. I had a kcrush that was all and crushes pass.  Justin's POV  I couldn't look at Delilah throughout the whole song. I had never been this nervous about a performance well ever. I don't know what it was but the song just reminded me of us and I couldn't hide it anymore I had feelings for her. I don't know when I got them or if I always had them but there was just something about Delilah. Something so different and beautiful. The song was over I walked over to Delilah. My head down, heart racing, palms sweating " well" I said expectantly. " I am have a really great night too" she said with a plastered on smile. I think I felt my heart smash into a thousand tiny little pieces. That's what I get I guess for falling for a girl and putting myself out there and being vulnerable to pain. I walked off trying to find a girl any girl. All I needed was a rebound.  Delilah's POV  I faked a smile that I swear was physically painful to put on and said  " I am have a really great night too." I hate to say it but it broke my heart. Then he walked away without a word. What was his problem I was the one hurting. "You ok?" said a now familiar voice it was Liam again. " No" I said and instantly regretted it " I mean yes ofcourse I'm ok." He gave me a I know your lying look. " I am going to have to go with your first answer" he said in a game show voice. I couldn't help but laugh. " Look I wanted to apologise I was going to use you to get at Justin for cheating with my girlfriend but I'm not. He obviously likes you and you obviously like him so I don't want to get inbetween anything" he said. " Justin doesn't like me and I don't, yeah well there needs to be two participating parties to have a relationship" I said letting out a disappointed sigh. " I think by the way he is staring at you right now says otherwise" said Liam rubbing my back. " Heres my number call or text if you need anyone to talk to or advice because you quite clearly can't read that boy" he said handing me a sheet of paper. I smiled up at him and said "thanks" in a timid voice. He walked of leaving me alone. I could see Justin looking at me now he shook his head and walked away jaw set. I decided to follow him. He went into Cody's house and into the room we were in earlier he punched the couch and put his hands behind neck.  " You ok?" I said faking a happy tone. " Great thanks couldn't be better actually" he said sarcastically spitting the words out at me. I didn't know what to say I fought back tears. He probably had girl troubles with another girl that isn't me. " You know I was trying to hook up with a girl and I couldn't but you could you got a number and everything" he said basically shouting at me. " It's not my fault you have ran out of pick up lines" I shouted back at him furious at how insensitive he was being. He obviously knew how I felt why treat me like this. " All I can see is you Delilah don't you get it?" He shouted back walking over to me. He cupped my face in his hands bringing his forehead down to mine " all I can see is you" he mumbled. " Don't play me Bieber" I said. " I could never play you. I don't know what it is but your special I just hoped you would feel the same way not fall for that idiot." I tried not to laugh " if by that idiot you mean yourself then yeah I have fallen. I've fallen big time for an idiot who thinks I like another guy when I clearly don't since I have done nothing but watch him and be with him." He tilted my head up to his " yeah that guy is a bit of an idiot. A stupid reckless blinded idiot" and then he kissed me. He put his hands in my hair, I went up on my tiptoes and wrapped my arms around his shoulders pulling him closer. " Ehmm sorry to interrupt but yous are the winners so you kind of need to perform em sorry again." Wait did Ed Sheeran just interrupt our kiss? Did I just have a kiss that was interrupted. We looked at each other and burst out laughing.  Once I had calmed down I realised what ed Sheeran had said ( ED SHEERAN OMG!) We needed to perform and we didn't even have a song. " Justin what are we going to sing?" I asked thinking and biting my lip. " Favourite colour?" he asked how irrelevant " just answer" he seemed to read my thoughts. " Blue" I answered " favourite movie?" he asked but this time I answered straight away without thinking " the hunger games." " Favourite Justin Bieber song?" he asked " overboard" I answered. He had tricked me, he was a smart one. " So you are a fan" he said laughing with a cheeky smile. " Your not all bad" I replied trying to keep it cool and failing miserably. With that I ran away to the stage he followed behind me laughing. Once we got on stage he picked me up and spun me around. Next thing I know some girl was there " Justy what are you doing?" Justy seriously is this real life. "Just picking up a friend babe she has sore feet" well I know we haven't put a label on it but ehm friend and babe what? Ohmigosh are they actually doing that annoying coupley nose thing. "Justy what are you a rabbit?" I said pulling him to face me. I shoved him away and walked off. Next thing I knew overboard starting playing. Oh great I have to sing a love song with a guy who just mucked me around yey!
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