Not like the Other girls

Delilah is a normal teenage girl who keeps to herself when Justin Bieber is sent to her school she has to look after him. How will a book worm get on with a superstar.


2. The Only One

Delilah's POV

Justin Bieber had obviously already arrived as a mob of girls chased after a running figure. Every single girl was wearing some sort of Justin Bieber merchandise even guys were. I had never felt so out of place than that moment. Annie and I walked after them I could tell she wanted to join the flock. "You can go if you want" I said with a chuckle in my voice. She didn't even waste time replying just gave me a quick hug and ran with a huge grin  on her face.  All the teachers were outside obviously trying to calm things down. Mrs Fleming came up to me "you seem to be the only one not chasing after that poor young boy, you must come with me." She was right even the guys were chasing after him trying to get a favor or something. I followed Mrs Fleming  to the principals office. I didn't understand what was going on but everything became very clear when the door opened.

( not really chapter but still)

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