Not like the Other girls

Delilah is a normal teenage girl who keeps to herself when Justin Bieber is sent to her school she has to look after him. How will a book worm get on with a superstar.


14. The Last Time

Delilahs POV I looked up and saw none other than Zayn Malik. Oh goody another member of one direction just what I needed. Though  He was breath taking I nearly forgot all about Justin and his girlfriend. I got lost in his gorgeous brown eyes ( sorry if his eyes aren't brown don't know a lot about him or one direction so like Justin making him a brand new person.)    Delilah snap out of it you must look like a creep. " Sorry about that" I said stepping away from him. He smiled in response.  "Delilah right" I could do nothing but nod. His voice was omg his voice. I nodded sheepishly.  "Zayn Malik" he said putting his hand out. I couldn't help but giggle as I shook his hand. " Delilah!" Justin had found me. Oh goody. " What?" I demanded turning to face him no longer in a trance just plain angry.    " I can explain" he stuttered his voice cracking. Why was he so upset? I was the one getting played.    " Maybe you should explain to your girlfriend instead of me" my eyes narrowed as I folded my arms.    " She's not well its only Alice." What did he mean only Alice? " She has been begging me to go out with her for weeks I felt bad and accepted that was last week I haven't seen her since." He had hope in his eyes and a part of me wanted to tell him I forgave him but I couldn't.    " Wow that really cleared things up" I said sarcastically. His face dropped and  his went went glassy. If I wasn't so angry I would be in fits at the moment. With that I walked off leaving him alone. I had no where to go nobody to turn to except for him. I wanted to curl up in a ball and cry.  Well at least I was able to cry now with Justin nowhere in sight. I found the garden wall leaned against it and cried. How could I be so stupid? I was no longer alone as I heard someone stand next to me. It was Liam. Wow I must look pathetic. "He's an idiot" and with that he left. I was left alone once again.  After standing and crying for about fifteen  minutes I decided it was time to face Justin and go home. It wasn't hard to find him. I just looked for a giant group of people. There he was sitting with his head in his hands with loads of people asking him what was wrong and telling him they were there for him.   I took a deep breath and walked through everyone straight to Justin my head high. " Justin take me home" I demanded surprised my voice didn't crack.   "Delilah?" Justin asked lifting his head. His eyes looked full of hope until he saw my cold stare and folded arms. Then the hope changed to despair. I hated seeing him like this but he left me no choice. He got up and walked with his head down I followed my heels clicking.    Everything was so quite I almost forgot about everyone else. But then the murmurs started. " I have never seen Justin like this" and " he must have it pretty bad." Sadly he obviously didn't have it bad enough or he would have told me about his girlfriend or dumped her. He would have done something.    A car was waiting for us outside. I pushed past him and got into the car slamming the door behind me. " Delilah I" Justin tried to say before I cut him off.    " Look Justin save it I don't want to hear it. Don't be worried about school cause soon enough you will be with the popular people and you will forget all about me. I was stupid for thinking I liked you but don't worry I can see that I don't now. I was wrong about you and everything else."    We sat in silence until we arrived at my house. I got out and never said goodbye. As far as I knew that would be the last time I would see Justin Bieber.
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