Not like the Other girls

Delilah is a normal teenage girl who keeps to herself when Justin Bieber is sent to her school she has to look after him. How will a book worm get on with a superstar.


11. The After Party

Justin's POV 
"What is this after party anyway?" Delilah said. "Everyone just meets up and party's we have themes for each one." I said already excited. "What theme is it tonight then" she said not sharing my enthusiasm. Then I remembered the theme, how could I forgot its only my favourite theme but I couldn't put Delilah through it. "Well we don't have to go you know it's not that big a deal" I said all at once. "What theme is it?" She repeated her head tilting at me in a ' I know you are hiding something' way. " Well its the performance theme" I said " Basically it's like a really expensive karaoke but without the cheese and with the talent you can do anything though." She seemed to be thinking about something but what was there to think about what would she do up on stage in front of  some of the most talented people in the country. "Ok" she said " I'm in." I was so shocked I thought it would be a flat out no. My face looked really confused I had no idea what she could do maybe she can do magic tricks or something. We were drove back to the stylists and nothing else was said on the matter. We would have just under an hour to change and check ourselves. It only took me ten minutes though so I had to wait about. I couldn't help but wonder what Delilah's talent was, if she even has one. After half an hour of waiting about Delilah came downstairs. Once again she looked gorgeous but it wasn't as much of a shock this time. She was wearing;
 She seemed to look at me quizzically her head tilting to the side like she was concentrating. "You alright there?" I asked. "You know when I came downstairs the first time and you got all surprised well like that but in reverse" she said her words tumbling over one another so I could hardly understand her. Her face got red hot and she kept looking down and fiddling with her hands. "Did I just hear that right?" I asked jokingly. "Maybe" she said going up on her tiptoes then back down in a really cute way. I opened the door for her and she climbed inside. 
Delilah's POV
I couldn't believe how gorgeous he looked. He had on  jeans, a white shirt, burgundy braces and a bow tie that matched. Braces and bow ties are like the most attractive thing on guys my heart began to pound and my palms got all sweaty. For the first time in a long time a real guy was getting me nervous and only one other guy had ever got me nervous. Justin opened the door for me like a gentleman. I smiled at him and got in. 
I know we were close to the party cause I could already hear the music and see the stage. Like an actual stage. Why had I agreed to come to this? Why didn't I just lie and tell him I couldn't do anything. It's not much of a lie I'm not that good. As we got even closer I could tell it was a house party. Well a house party with a mansion. " Who's house is this?" I asked trying to hide the fear in my voice. " Cody Simpsons" he replied already getting hyped up. CODY SIMPSON NO WAY. I used to be in love with him well I am still in love with him. Justin noticed my mouth drop open. " You a fan?" he said with and edge to his voice I couldn't understand. " Lets just say before my room had book shelves in it, it was covered with his face" I said embarrassed at how obsessed I was. He chuckled obviously relaxed now, must have been something I said. "Before we go in I will let you know what the performance thing will be. You will be put in a team with another person they put there talents together, perform it on stage and then there will be a vote. It's a competition by the way there will be a male winner and a female winner." Fear flashed across my face but I quickly hid it. How was I going to compete with all these talented people. Justin noticed my reluctance. I could tell he wanted to say something and his hand started to reach over to me but he quickly pulled it back and faced the front. 
The door was opened for us and I gulped as I got out the car. Justin took my hand and squeezed it smiling at me. It felt surprisingly natural to have my hand in his.  We were greeted at the door by the one and only Cody Simpson I tried not to fan girl as I saw him at the door. "Justin my man and who is this lovely lady?" CODY SIMPSON JUST CALLED ME A LOVELY LADY. I giggled embarrassingly. "This is Delilah I met her at school and yeah she's a bit of a fan so excuse her she isn't normally like this" Justin said laughing at me. " Hey" I said hitting him in the stomach and snapping out of my daze. " Ok love birds" Cody said finding us very amusing. "Were not I mean we are just friends" said us both our words tumbling over each other as our cheeks got very hot. " Mhmm" said Cody not believing us " so Justin you are with Demi and I am with Delilah over here." I was going to be performing with Cody Simpson OMG!  At that moment Demi Lovato ran over to Justin and grabbed him by the hand " sorry girl we need to practise." Did Demi Lovato just apologise to me. " So what can you do?" asked Cody when I finally snapped out of my shock. " Well I sing a little but I'm not very good" I said kinda embarrassed. I hadn't sang in front of an audience in nearly a year. "Well that makes life easier cause we are on in five, do you mind if we sing pretty brown eyes?" he asked turning to walk off motioning for me to follow him.
Justin's POV 
I was so worried about Delilah I could barely concentrate. Rehearsal was soon abandoned when Demi realised my thoughts were else where. " So this Delilah girl what is she like?" asked Demi moving her seat closer to me. " Well she's different that's for sure more interested in reading than hanging out with Justin Bieber" I said saying my own name like I was being called on stage which caused Demi to laugh. " Different's good, I like different" she said hopefully. "Me too" I said surprised at how open I was being. Demi gave a wee cheeky smile " c'mon your girl will be performing in like two minutes." We ran off getting the best space t the front of the stage. I was nervous and excited all at once. I didn't even know what she was doing. I saw the lights go down and Cody walk on stage this was it. 
Delilah's POV 
I watched from the side of the stage everyone line up. Imagine every famous teenager on the planet well they were here. Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Big Time Rush and anyone else you can think of all there about to watch me sing. Two people caught my eye first Justin who fought his way to the front a look of fear and excitement on his face. Then Liam Payne who saw me and winked causing me to blush. Cody walked on stage and the song started.  He was going to sing the first few lines then I would walk on to sing the chorus. 
Justin's POV 
The song started and Cody sang the first few lines then Delilah walked on stage. I was surprised how comfortable she looked. She had a mic in her hand and just as the chorus started she brought it to her lips and started singing, Her voice was beautiful and amazing. My mouth dropped and everyone went wild. She smiled on stage and started clapping along with everyone. When it got to the second chorus Cody did the dance from his music video and Delilah joined in. She was amazing at that too another giant cheer from the crowd. She was amazing in every way. For the first time I couldn't wait to get to know this girl. 
Delilah's POV
I couldn't believe how natural it felt to be on stage again. I used to perform all the time that was before everything and everyone. I sang the chorus and everyone went crazy like they were cheering stomping it was amazing. Every face I saw I knew from some tv show or song or something. Victoria Justice was there and Taylor Swift. But the person I had to make myself not look at was Justin. He was more enthusiastic than anyone else in the crowd. The smile on his face literally lit up the stage for me. I don't like saying this but without him I couldn't have done that. Then we were done and it seemed over way too quick Cody hugged me and we bot laughed. " Well Delilah I wasnt expecting that" he said still seeming shocked. " What can I say I'm full of surprises" I said laughing. " You can say that again" said a voice behind me. It was Justin I gave him a big hug and he kissed my head. It didn't even feel weird it just felt natural. "So am I not an embarrassment then?" I said half teasing. "About that Delilah, look at me I am a big stupid blind idiot if I couldn't see the beautiful talented girl I see infront of me now." He said being completely serious. I hoped this Justin lasts I like this Justin. " I didn't really show you her I guess" I said smiling like an idiot. 
" The results are in" said a voice that I couldn't place, it seemed to be coming from a tannoid type thing. Justin squeezed my hand in reassurance and smiled at me. "The winner of the first round is Delilah." I was so shocked I had beat Cody Simpson OMG! " Well done angel you deserve it" said Cody with a genuine smile on his face. I smiled at him still in shock. I caught another face in the crowd it was Liam again he winked at me then turned back to his conversation. 
" So what happens next then?" I asked Justin still new to this. " Well Demi and I will compete against another pair and the pair that wins will split and one will sing with you the other with the next winner." " So how many times will I perform?" "If you win the next one three times  if you don't twice" said Justin patiently " I only have to perform twice cause I am the champion." I am guessing that means he's one before. "Well Mr Champion break a leg" I said teasing him. He waved and ran onto stage. A hand touched my back. 
"Hey love" said a voice I didn't recognise. I turned around it was Liam. " Hello" I said very awkwardly. I wasn't good around very attractive famous guys that call me things like love. I was saved by the music. A Justin Bieber song came on that I knew thanks to Annie. Baby blared through the speakers with Justin's beautiful voice over it. He walked on stage and it was clear it was where he belonged. I screamed like a twelve year old belieber. He started dancing and he looked so adorable. I forgot all about the beautiful british stranger beside me and I focused only on Justin. It was like it was just me and him no one else ,well and Demi because she had started singing by now breaking me out of my trance. Justin had noticed me by the end and sang the last chorus looking straight in my eyes. Our moment was interrupted by Liam Payne again he was in the other pair with Miley Cyrus. They sang baby again but this time Liam started walking over to Justin looking him up and down. It started to get ver tense until Miley Cyrus started singing. OMG MILEY CYRUS. But there was no time to fan girl I had to watch Justin he was smiling at Demi now and hi-fiving her. The song was over and I barely even noticed or applauded for Liam. The winners were announced it was Justin and Demi obviously. Justin got off the stage and came and got me I gave him a hug which seemed to be our thing now. There was like ten more performances until either of us were on again so he led me into Cody's house. 
"What did Payne want?" Justin asked nodding his head towards Liam who was. just outside. " I don't know, I was a bit preoccupied" I said and instantly regretted it realising how it sounded. Justin gave a cheeky half smile and said " oh really?" " You know looking at his face, have you ever noticed how hot he is?" I said teasingly. He started to tickle me until he had me pinned on the couch. "Ok, ok" I said " I meant watching you sing" I said inbetween fits of giggles and kicking. " Better" he said. We then heard a cough from the one and only Taylor Swift. "Sorry to interrupt J but just to let you know you will be performing with me and Demi will be with Delilah. Great performance by the way you were awesome" she said in the cutest accent ever. " Your not interrupting anything" I said mega embarrassed. " Well not yet" said Justin sensing my embarrassment. I could have killed him. "Ok guys Del your on first, do you mind if I call you that?" Taylor Swift just gave me a nickname. " Of course not" I said my smile beaming as I practically skipped out the house Justin close behind me. Liam waved to me as I passed him and I waved and smiled back. I could feel Justin's eyes watching me whatever was going on between them I didn't want a part in it. " Hey girl" said Demi hugging me " can we do heart attack?" I hugged her back everyone was just so friendly " yeah sure." I was way more excited about going on stage this time but heart attack was a much higher song.
Justin's POV
Liam is really starting to annoy me. First what does he think he doing flirting with Delilah she deserves more than some jerky player. Second eyeing me up on stage. Who does he think he is? I get I must have really annoyed him with the whole kissing his girlfriend but I never forced her too. If anything I did the opposite. Delilah is clearly not interested in him can't he get the hint. Well I don't think she is. 
Delilah singing heart attack I was unbelievably excited. Her voice was like a drug to me I wanted to hear it all the time. Delilah was in something different that matched Demi. She was wearing a black skater dress,  a black leather jacket with gold studs all over it and huge black heels how could she even walk? She looked so sexy and nothing at all like the geeky girl with the glasses. She flaunted around the stage like she owned it. Hitting all the notes and basically knocking demi out the park. Literally she won again. When she got off stage I ran up to her " That was. You are" my mouth hanging open in shock again. I had seen quite shy Delilah and I had also seen stunning beautiful Delilah but never sexy bad girl Delilah. " I think your trying to say you look ridiculous and beginners luck" I literally laughed in her face. " More like you look unbelievably hot and you are definitely  not a beginner." Here. cheeks went bright red " Delilah" I said " the song I am singing with Taylor well I am singing it for you and to you." I didn't want to hear her reply so with that I walked of to get Taylor. 
Delilah's POV 
What did he mean for you and to you? What song is this exactly? And what did her think he was doing walking off like that. I found my usual spot and stood patiently waiting to hear the song. I couldn't believe my ears. 


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