Not like the Other girls

Delilah is a normal teenage girl who keeps to herself when Justin Bieber is sent to her school she has to look after him. How will a book worm get on with a superstar.


16. Talks and Apologies

Delilah's POV
It was nice just sitting with John. It felt right and normal. It made me forget about Justin for those blissful five minutes before he turned up and ruined everything. It was just as the bell rang I saw Justin coming towards me his head down. When he finally noticed I was with John he stormed off without saying a word. John didn't notice him and I was glad because he would probably stop me from running after him.


" Thank you so much for being here for me you are such a good friend" I said kissing him on the cheek.

Then I ran in the direction I saw Justin storm of in. I know I was on the right path because I could hear him knocking over bins. I finally saw him not knowing what to say I just stood there. 
"Stupid Bieber can't you do anything right" he shouted punching the wall. I couldn't help it all I wanted to do was comfort him but I didn't know how. 

"Justin" I said softly. He jumped round and when I saw his tear streaked face and bloody hand and i I wasn't angry anymore I was just hurt. The worst stage all I could feel was jealousy, betrayal and a heart wrenching pain. 

" Delilah" he cried " I am so sorry but can't you see what your doing to me." I had no doubt he was disappointed but he hurt me and I couldn't just forgive him. 
"I'm sorry" I said backing away. He reached for me but I turned and ran to class. 



I paid no attention to any of my classes or to anything really. All I could think about was Justin's face when I backed away. And what had happened with John. I mean what was that whole " luckiest guy in the world" thing all about and since when did he care so much. 

My thoughts were interrupted by Annie "Delilah snap out of it I need to tell you something" she said snapping her fingers at me. Turns out I had made my way to my usual table with all my friends (including john) and sat I'm silence for five minutes. I looked at all my friends faces. Most of them looked concerned but John wouldn't look at me at all. He seemed to find his shoes rather interesting. Annie just looked raging that I was ignoring her. Ah the difference between a friend and a best friend. 

"Okaaay" I said implying that she was to continue. "In private" I couldn't help but notice how she glanced at John when she said that.  I followed her out the cafeteria and into the corridor. 
"Ok you have to come to my house tonight to explain what happened between you and John" I tried to interrupt to tell her that nothing went on but she just gave me a knowing look. " And honey Justin was in my first and second class today. in the first one he came in late and he had obviously been crying. Every single girl that tried to flirt or even talk to him he ignored with a death glare. I think you need to talk to him." I just nodded my head and she hugged me. 

With that my break was over and it was back to class. Annie was right I did need to talk to Justin. 


I was counting down the minutes until lunch came and I could go talk to Justin. It's not that I was looking forward to it cause I wasn't but I would rather it was over and done with. 

The bell rang and finally my wait was over now I just had to find Justin. I searched the cafeteria but he was no where to be found.  I then tried outside and there he was. His hands behind his neck ,sitting on a bench facing away from me. I just walked around to the other side of the bench with my head down. 

I didn't say anything when I sat down and Justin didn't notice me. So I took a deep breath and it took all my courage " Justin I think we need to talk." His head shot up and he obviously got a fright. " Delilah I didn't notice you sorry" he said putting his head down once again. 

" Justin I think we need to talk" I repeated. 

" Ok but can I talk first please" he said snapping out of his daydream. I nodded my head in response. " Delilah I am sorry about what happened with Alice and everything. But you have to know I completely forgot about her I never even liked her in the first place I just did it to shut her up. Every guy has been out with Alice for that very reason. I was going to break up with her just not at the party in front of everyone, I didn't want to embarrass her like that. I don't know I guess I am just a stupid idiot who has made a mistake. A mistake I hope is forgivable. Because Delilah I have never felt this way about anyone and I have only known you for a couple of days. I don't trust that many people or open up to them but you. You for some reason got me to do that in a few hours of being in your company." 

I was left speechless. The mistake Justin made was forgivable and it's not like we were technically dating. I had blown it out of proportion. 

" Your right you did make a mistake" I said taking a deep breath " but mistakes are usually forgiven. So lets just forget all about that whole night and maybe I will see you in class  or something " I said smiling sweetly at him. 

" Yeah maybe" he said looking down. I  had just forgiven him what more did he want?

A/N: Hey guys sorry for taking so long for this chapter and I know it's not very exciting but it's leading into things. Exciting things. Thank you so much for all the likes, favourites and comments I really appreciate it. Love yaaa -Elizabeth xxxx




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