Not like the Other girls

Delilah is a normal teenage girl who keeps to herself when Justin Bieber is sent to her school she has to look after him. How will a book worm get on with a superstar.


4. Meeting Everyone

Delilah's POV 

As we were walking out of the school about to head our separate ways the principal stopped us in our tracks. "Where do you think you are going Delilah?" she said. "Home" I said confused. "Well  Mr Bieber will have to go with you, you said you would look after him leaving him in a town he doesn't know is hardly doing your job. You took on a responsibility and you know how I hate people who do not follow their commitments." I had never been given into trouble before not even a stern look nothing, ever. I had no idea what to do so I just nodded and walked on with Justin following behind me.

I always met Annie walking home and today was the first day I dreaded it with Justin around who know's what it would be like. "Where have you been, I have been searching for you all.." Annie stopped mid-sentence when she saw Justin. Her mouth dropped open and her knees went weak, I basically had to catch her. " Well hello girl" he said "Delilah didn't say you were so beautiful." He said this as he kissed her hand, I mean who even does that in real life noone that's who. I hadn't even mentioned Annie never mind said how she looked.  She just giggled in response sounding about five. "Justin Annie, Annie Justin" I said nodding my head between them. Justin winked at her I huffed and walked off they soon followed. Annie staring at him like a love sick puppy I don't know why but it made me so angry. Maybe I was just protective over my friend, yeah that was it.

I said goodbye to Annie and walked in my house I nearly shut the door in Justin's face as he was just standing outside my door looking incredibly uncomfortable."You can come inside you know we don't bite." I said his face going bright red as he walked inside. "OHMIGOSH is that the one and only Justin Drew Bieber blushing" I said laughing. He pushed me playfully " No of course not what is there to blush about" he said acting as if he owned the place again. But he wasn't fooling me this time I had seen past his show just for a moment but still enough. 

Justin's POV 

I didn't know why I was so nervous about going into her house. It sounds weird but it had been a while since I have been in a girls house. The only time I really talked to girl's my age was when I wanted them to go to my house, into my room. It was so normal and normal had become unnatural to me. But I couldn't let Delilah see my weak side, nobody but my family saw that everyone else just takes advantage of it to get something from me. I didn't trust her enough. 

Delilah introduced me to her parents. I got all uncomfortable again. Girls never stuck around enough for me to get that far to meet their parents. It was weird because they had absolutely no idea I was famous until Delilah told them. "Mum, Dad this is Justin Bieber he is famous just so you know and I have to show him around and things. We're just going to leave our things then  I'm taking him on a tour." 

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