Not like the Other girls

Delilah is a normal teenage girl who keeps to herself when Justin Bieber is sent to her school she has to look after him. How will a book worm get on with a superstar.


9. Jelousy and Plans

 Delilah's POV 

There he was standing looking at me with kindness in his eyes. Liam Payne. Justin's POV       e made our way into the movie. Delilah kept blushing and looking down as Liam  kept mouthing things to her. So that's who made her stop Liam Payne. I don't understand what had her all worked up I mean it was just Liam . And does he have no courtesy she's here as my date for all he knows we're in a relationship and he's making her look like a love sick puppy. I wouldn't do that to his date well I wouldn't do it again. What was he even saying? "Do you mind?" I said irritated. "What ?" she said clearly embarrassed. "Your school girl giggle is quite distracting" I said a little too harsh. It was just getting me so mad. She is my date I brought her here she is mine. Well not mine exactly just for tonight at least. What has gotten into me? Delilah's POV I couldn't believe it Liam Payne was flirting with me. Me. I had been flirted with before I knew what it was like but that was when I made myself out to be perfect so everyone believed it. But I am not doing anything fake or not being myself and Liam Payne member of the phenomenon one direction was mouthing about how beautiful I looked. It was weird though I mean don't get me wrong I was flattered any girl would be but I wasn't interested. Not in the slightest.  Our whispered conversation was interrupted with Justin. " Do you mind?" he said. I was so embarrassed and kind of ashamed I had no need to be though but I was. " What?" I said trying to play innocent. "Your school girl giggle is quite distracting" he replies. Who did he think he was. I wasn't even being loud. But before I could respond the movie started  a couple of hours later  The movie ended with Justin singing a song about love and sappy things. I was still furious. Why could he not go an hour without insulting or moaning at me. I walked ahead of him as he sulked behind me. "Delilah right?" said a voice that belonged to the one and only Harry Styles. " Yeah" I said confused. "Just wanted to say hello to you from the band. I mean any friend of Justin is a friend of ours. Right Justin?" he said hitting Justin on the back the way guys do. Justin looked up and glared at him " Delilah let's go" he said without taking his eyes of Harry. Normally I would protest but there was clearly something going on. Something I did not want to be a part of. " Nice meeting you" I said to Harry. I couldn't help but be polite, common courtesy is my weakness.  Justin'sPOV  As soon as Harry said it I know what he was up to. Not more than two months ago I was at an award ceremony Liam had brought this beautiful girl. I went over and said those exact words but in reverse. Later we were caught making out. The press went crazy turns out this girl and Liam had been going strong for a while now. At the time I didn't know nor care. But that was when the decision was made that I would go to high school to calm down. I was too out of control gaining a reputation I needed to calm it and lay low for a while. They couldn't do that to Delilah. I don't know or get why but I want to protect her  
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